Sunday, April 8, 2007

 Happy Spring!

here's to a new life, a rebirth of our souls   a new beginning of peace, hope and joy....

hope your Easter was grand    it took all day to find a symbol i liked for the holiday   my blessings to the Christian world and what the Easter means to you    my blessings to the rest of the world who believe differently but are on our way anyways    the past 4days have been under weather   severely under the weather for me   caught a bug, maybe 2, wednesday evening    slept for 2days with no food   finally nibbled a bit yesterday and had a meal today    i feel better today than all the days    i even got out of the house for about an hour    other than that, i've been sleepin' or just starin' at the tv    i'm almost ready for a new day, a new dawn to be out & about in the world   hopefully tomorrow   but even illness is a gift   i felt a resurge in my faith this weekend   i even watched half of The Ten Commandments movie recognizing how far i've evolved from that way of thinking     there is still good messages within the Bible and Christianity, but there's far more to know   anyways, all is good    sometimes when i feel sick i swear my mind is being purged as well   a cleansing of sorts in order to get back to the true Spirit within each of us   Life is such a gift and i sometimes forget while being indulged in the mundane things of life   usually my illness will remind me of Life's value, but i also find it in others, thru your journals and friendships   goodness,   that is all God is...which is everyone and everything!


ksquester said...

Rest, have some soup, take care of yourself...........all will be better.   Anne

jmorancoyle said...

     Happy Easter to you and I hope you're feeling better. About your reference to the Bible and that way of thinking. I've thought about our Christian attitudes a lot of late. I honestly think that most of us just don't get it. The purity and love is more than our frail intellect can stand. We still have a lot to learn.

sunnyside46 said...

I really would love to  have a good long talk with you.
about the tales of your spiritual journey.Can you recommend some books for me?