Monday, March 31, 2008

scary hairy @ chaco canyon

well saturday i rode out to Chaco Canyon N.H.P.    it was a nice ride   i took the northern route there    my desitination was not to be just Chaco Canyon, but that's all it ended up being    as i got to the initial road to get to the park, i noticed they had paved at least part of it    well, part it was  ran into dirt road which was no problem until i hit sand    OMG!!!   don't know how i got thru there but there were numerous times i almost laid my bike down   between the sand and the wind i was all over the road and couldnt stay up straight   couldn't tell you how many times my bike leaned as though it was ready to go down   but some how some way i managed to keep her up    the entire dirt road wasn't like this but there was a long stretch of an inch of fine sand on the road   i included in these photos a photo of my bike   once we actually got to the park, we only stayed an hour   then i took the south entrance out of there   the park ranger adivsed againist,  something about 2 flats that day, 20miles of dirt road and about 10 cattle guards   what the cattle guard had to do with anything is beyond me,  all i knew is i wasn't going back the same way i came in and hit that sand again   i was going to take a risk and use the south entrance    20miles and 12 cattle guards later, i made it out of there   mostly hard compact dirt road with little gravel   hell i'll take gravel any day over the sand   i felt like i was in the sahara desert ridin'   Lord i made it out of there and home safely...these pics are the greatest  i really didn't have time to take photos    i left late that day and it took me an hour extra more than i counted on to get there   had no idea if i was going to make it out of there safe   no more dirt roads for my bike   i'm taking my jeep on those wilderness roads!   (p.s.  animated flash not workin' again on this site, dammit...)

Sunday, March 23, 2008 favorite things

getting this from Marti, this is a list of my favorite things nowadays that makes me smile:

pickin' my guitar...snugglin' with my doggies....hikin' a trail no matter where it is....and hangin' with my buddies Marsha and Lil Miss or lunch with my friend Jen....the same with Maggie and just chattin with her on the phone ....sittin' in twilight with the full moon serenading the night creating the tranquility of the moment....cruisin on  my bike down a back road soaking up the sun and feelin' the wind in my face....readin' a book while the music plays in the background...

March Madness at the Pit

Go Lobos!    last nite i ushered at the NCAA Women's basketball tournament being held at the Pit    i haven't ushered all year, but Lynne called me for this event...anyways our Lady Lobos played last night against 5th seed West Virginia   it was a thriller   we stayed with them the whole game   i think we were only seeded 11th   it came down to the last shot of the game   we missed it, losing the game by 1 point   it was a great game...then i had to stay for the second game   one team was beating the other by 20points by the end of the first half   my question, why couldn't we have played against that team who was so far behind    o well, our Lady Lobos are good, maybe one day we'll get even better and at least make it to the sweet 16 again   we've been to the NCAA tournament 6 of the last 7yrs   far better than our men    and last night i noticed all the banners hanging from the ceiling   there were far more for the women's team than our men's team   our Lady Lobos make us proud!

Friday, March 21, 2008

O Baby!!!....freedom at last....again

so, i FINALLY got my bike out of the shop today   went a couple days ago to get her, but once i got there, she wouldn't start   well they had to re-do the wiring    so i pick her up today   i het the road...and WOW...what a difference the major tune-up and new parts made   (when they brought her out, she was sounding a whole lot better)   when i rode her, she hauled ass with just a touch on the throttle   on that back road i found myself going 10mph over the speed limit without even knowing it until i looked down at the speedometer   whoa baby!!   she runs like she's brand new   i had no idea she could perform so well for a 12yr old bike   who needs a new bike   i have no doubt now that she can make it to either Spokane, WA or Kentucky next summer   the long road trip is destined   kept thinking i had to wait til i got that new bike with more power   damn, after today, don't need it   it'll be nice whenever i eventually get it, but my baby now is AWESOME!!!   next winter i'll put her in the shop to get ready for the long road trip    Brian, my service man, says she'll need new tires and probably by mid-summer this year she needs new rear brakes   we'll check her out completely this time next year to make sure she's safe for the haul   i'm just E.C.S.T.A.T.I.C. with her now   road trips here i come this summer!!!!   will take a road trip on her possibly as early as next weekend, if not 2 weeks away    this summer is already a blast   i know we just Springed forward...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

here she is...!!!!

h..e..r..e..'s  Madison...these are the pics i took yesterday with my Nikon N75 35mm SLR   i loved this way of displaying her photos   fits her to a T   i just had fun playin' around with the film camera   i like it   she is a great subject to play with    anyways, all the dough i spent yesterday on film and batteries paid off   i really don't mind the costs  it just sometimes i'm reminded how much i spend   no problem   i love photography! although there's one pic looks like she's about ready to cry, there were no tears   she must have been strugglin' over something while i was shootin'   she's basically a HAPPY baby...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

p.s. .....mad money

saw this movie, Mad Money, with Marsha last nite   it was hilarious!   if you need a good laugh, go see this!

i did it again...

Oi!!!    goodness   i lost my yellow filter 4 my camera again   it's best used for b&w photography  ..i got my film camera out again  only second time in 2yrs   i bought this camera 2yrs ago at the same time i bought my digital   been playin with the digital sooooo much, i haven't really used the film camera   but if i go back 2 school for photography, i'll need my film camera   this is a new film camera for me   this is a Nikon N75   so i played with it today with some old color film i've had laying around like forever   the pictures are being printed within the next 24hrs   do they not have 1hr photo anymore for film?   granted i'm getting a picture cd done, but does it really take that long    digital i'm learning is much cheaper   i bought new batteries for my nikon n75 today   i needed 2 and they were $8 for each one   plus i bought a roll of b&w film   it was $7 for the roll   jimney christmas   has b&w skyrocketed    anyways, i didn't take any b&w photos today, thank God   i really need my yellow filter with it   makes b&w photos contrast a hell of a lot more   sooooo, if i don't find that filter, there's another $35 for just one   i really need one for both lens i have    goodness, i've known photography isn't a cheap hobby, but it's been awhile since being faced with its cost    anyways, good news, is i found blank note cards w/envelopes that i can make cards with my photos   will do that and sell them at church for a starter   will also matte some 5x7s and see if i can sell them   maybe a few 8x10s while i'm at it    i  have my work cut out for me, but it'll be loads of fun!!!    anyways, digital is cheaper now that i've discovered the difference   not sure quality is compromised tho   film may be better in the long run   only life will tell us in the future   either way...i'm lovin' it! pic's being processed at this moment, will be of my favorite subject of late = Lil Miss Madison   i pick 'em up tomorrow evening    will post asap!

Friday, March 14, 2008

a new one on me...

      ok, i've never seen a kid in a dryer before  this is Jorje's 18month old son    Jorje is my oldest niece and we just started chattin' a LOT recently online    it's great to be in touch with her....this picture made me laugh so hard....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

bought me a rose

one of those days!!!   it actually started last nite when a young man rear-ended me   no damage to my car, but i felt the impact in my shoulders, neck and back   i came home, took a shower and a couple ibuprofen, then hit the sack   i was still sore this morn   so this morn, i called the doc   called my masseuse   called the insurance company   as suggested by my insurance co. i took my jeep in for someone to check underneath to insure there wasn't any hidden damage   no damage thank goodness   then went to my masseuse   i was hurtin' on the left side, but all knotted up on the right side   she worked on me for at least an hour  i then put some tiger balm on and headed for work   before i got there, i got a call from the boss questioning why my sales were low on this past tuesday nite   she knows i get depressed and she was suggesting it was because of that   if she insist on that in the future, i'll move on    the p.o. gave me enough hell to last a lifetime surrounding my condition   won't put up with that bullshit anymore    had a good sales nite tonite, but i'm hurtin still despite more ibuprofen    on the way home i stopped 4 milk   right next to the counter were single roses   i looked at them and said, now that would be a great pick me upper   so i bought one   this was also for all the dealings with the blues and then this accident last nite   sorta a last straw   gimme a break i'm off for the weekend   also next week, i'm cutting my hours at work back   i had already requested that before today   i need sum major R & i'm off for 3days, work one day, off one, work two, then off 3 again   i can handle that right now   money is only an exchange   there'll be plenty more laterz   right now, i'll just breathe....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

cell phone

have i told ya...last week i discovered how to assess email on my cell phone   had the phone for almost 2yrs    now tonite, i learned how to put a song on the cell phone for people to listen to until i answer it i feel i'm keepin' up with the young   absolutely amazing....Life is good!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Brett Favre

Congrats to Brett for his retirement   i was reading this morn about how sum women and men criticized Brett for his tears during his public retirement announcement   is this world still into only Macho men?   Tears are good for everyone   it shows the human side of us   it reveals a gentle side to our nature   are we still in the dark ages that we can't cry?  if so that is just pathetic   i love to see the gentle side of men    my father hasn't ever cried a tear and in his younger years he'd drink his woes away, only to be more brutal and abusive   when are we going to become a more gentle people   there is too much harshness and brutality as there is    anyways, i have a beef with those who only desire machismo in our men, or women for that matter   my step-mother doesn't cry tears either   Tears are there for a reason...a Good reason!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Deepak Chopra

I saw Deepak Chopra tonite   what an awesome individual   of course we are all awesome in our own unique way   i've read a couple books of his and enjoyed them   i picked up his latest, The Third Jesus, on friday only 4 Maggie to call that nite and let me know he was in town   so off we went   and thank you Maggie for inviting me   he's an awesome speaker   i picked up another book of his and he signed it   Maggie picked up several and got his signature too   he definitely is enlightened   now how do we evolve to such a place is my question   i have no doubt we can get there, just not sure of the directions other than to go within to that place where God exists within you    anyways, i can't speak enough of his enormity   still a bit blown away with his lecture   it was simply awesome!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

finally..Sugar Plum.Tiger Balm..and buffalo

alas, the photos are here ...i'll start with the buffalo    i had no idea until 2day that new mexico had buffalo   we saw them near the national park  even seeing them with my own eyes, i couldn't believe   but they're i know i don't have 2 travel north to see them Sugar Plum is Lil Miss Madison   she stole the show at the end of the day   i carried her on my back, all 25lbs of her    she's grown a little since i carried her a few months ago   but she was a great trooper 2day   although this was the hike group outing, once we got 2 the park, the rest of the group hiked onward to the top while Marsha, Madison and I brought up the rear   we 3 amigos didn't make it to the top, but almost    we did manage to hike at least a mile in, all up hill   sum of these photos you'll see we had little space to walk thru   there was one point i was  literally on my hands and knees, with Madison on my back, to get thru   short as i am, it still wasn't enough to get thru with Madison   once we hiked the mile in, we stopped and rested   we were at the base of the "steps" to the major incline to the top of the plateau   it was time for a break   Madison played in what little snow there was until her hands were so cold she was ready 2 go   she went over to the carrier and tried to get in it by herself   months ago we couldn't keep her in it  today we couldn't keep her out of   but the 3 of us had a blast   i'd lean sometimes during the hike so Madison wouldn't scrape against the rocks  she'd just laugh it up   she was just a riot today   Marsha had a good time   i had to talk her into going, but she was happy she did so once there    it was a great day for all of us   it was just what i needed after so much of the blues-which have been gone for 4 days or so now-Yeah!!!    now tonite, i wait for sleep to fall upon me    i took a hot shower and bathed in Tiger Balm (muscle ointment)   love this stuff   if you haven't ever used it, i HIGHLY recommend it   great stuff!!!!   although i woke at 4:30am, i'm still wide awake   may  have totake a sleepin' pill tonite, but that'll be fine   hopefully i can sleep off sum of this soreness all over my body   now only if i could hike with Madison on my back daily for awhile not only to lose weight, but it'd be a great way to condition for my Grand Canyon trip   i'll come up with a solution, but it won't be as much fun as with Marsha and Madison....

there's been an error...

at the moment, photos are not adding on this journal...not even just one image....dammit....but coming soon will be my photos from our hike trip 2day   my body is achin' all over because i carried Madison, all 25lbs of her, on my back   we got far but not all the way to the top like the rest of the hike group....more on the trip and photos too.....soon

coffee's brewin

it's the wii hours of the mornin'   didn't sleep soundly and up at an ungodly hour  went back to bed, cuddlin' with my kids, but no sleep fell upon me  so here i am wondering what to do with myself   it's gonna be a loooooong day    today's the hike with the church group   so by the time i get back it'll be nap time for sure   fresh wind and sunshine will wear me out just enough for some zzzzs the meantime, i went to the social club with my gay brother Stephen   it was an uneventful night for me   of course i only stayed an hour   wasn't sure i was going to go   just didn't have the nerve to go there   it's been about 15yrs since being at a club, but hey, who knows maybe i'd meet someone...nope...i did recognize for sure this is not where i want to meet an individual   so i'll go back to the internet or the papers   going 2 the clubs is just not my fanfare anymore   the music was good, but i didnt dance   think i forgot  there seemed to be no single woman there   all were coupled up   plenty of single gay men, but they're not my i'll say a prayer to meet someone at church or elsewhere   should be interesting   just the thought of dating scares the hell out of me, but if it's meant 2 be, it'll happen...

now for earlier in the day yesterday..Marsha and i ended up at Barnes & Noble   although it was my idea to go there, i gave her a hard time for agreeing to go   i never can walk out of there empty handed   i just went lookin' 4 sum post-it tabs (thought i had seen sum there)   anyways, 2ft into the doorway and there's a book calling my name   a few feet more, and another   by the time i left i had spent at least $50 w/a latte included, and no post-it tabs   one book we picked up was by Deepak Chopra   twilight zone hit later when Maggie called and asked if i'd like to go see him on sunday IF she could get tickets   don't tell me Spirit doesn't work in mysterious ways   this is an example how It works for sure   anyways, yesterday was a very good day   lots of fun and laughter w/Marsha   playeda little guitar and hung out w/Stephen the hike   i keep saying i don't want to be the leader of the hike group, but alas i keep showing up   maybe one day i'll resign my position...It's all good!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Tao..14th verse

                       That which cannot be seen is called invisible.

                That which cannot be heard is called inaudible.

               That which cannot be held is called intangible.

                        These three cannot be defined;

                     therefore, they are merged as one.


              Each of these three is subtle for description.

                       By intuition you can see it,

                                   hear it,

                              and feel it.

                          Then the unseen,


                          and untouched

                        are present as one.


                   Its rising brings no dawn,

                      it's setting no darkness;

                 it goes on and on, unnameable,

                     returning into nothingness.


                Approach it and there is no beginning;

                    follow it and there is no end.

              You cannot know it, but you can be it,

                   at ease in your own life.


         Discovering how things have always been

         brings one into harmony with the Way.


"Try to imagine the idea of forever: that which has never changed, that which has no beginning or end.  It cannot be seen, heard, or touched...but you know it is and always has been.  Think of that which even now, in this very moment as you read these words, is the very understanding that's within you-that essence that permeates you and everything else, yet always eludes your grasp."-from Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, by Dr Wayne Dyer

to me this talks of the God essence within each of us, within every thing....and more   

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

on the road again...

here are a few pics from Tent Rocks i took a couple years ago    i'm takin' the hike group up here on saturday   i'll take some more pics and see if i get anything different   it's a beautiful place for a hike  i'm lookin' forward to it   plus it's supposed to be sunny, not like it is right now=snowin'   rain and 40s tomorrow too   then back up to 50s & 60s   i'm ready for the weather to stay warm!!!    anyways, it's a good nite   no blues again 2day   then they'll probably stay away for, i learned sum things of myself today   first my therapist said i'm very fragile due to this illness   i recognize myself as fragile after visiting her on monday   just didn't know how fragile  but tha'ts ok   i'll just handle me with much TLC   i do a lot, but will do so even more...second, i realized today i can't and won't embrace every word of our church's philosophy   i feel a bit different in sum areas and that's ok   we can learn SOM, attend our church and still maintain our original beliefs, i.e. christianity, buddhism, muslim, or whatever   i'm spiritual,  not religious   i gather my wisdom from all works of Life and will continue to do so   we all have our own journey and getting there with what works for us   so 2day i realized sum of our church's philosophy isn't workin' for me   and that's ok   it's still a great place and i love all my friends there   we're on an ever growing path wherever we, in the meantime, i didn't get my bike today-ugh   and ain't gettin it tomorrow with this ugly weather   no problem   friday's comin'!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

no blues 2day

yeah!   no blues this morn   i like it  i love it  i want sum more of it!!!!   anyways, i pray it stays like this for awhile ....anyways, it's a sunny day today  high in the 50s   i did find out my bike isn't ready today   he's putting all back together now  it'll be ready tomorrow  but no problem   i still have plenty to do   i'm feelin good  wishin i could be sittin havin' coffee with a friend right now, but they're all at work except for Jen who's at the Community Gathering in Kansas i think   hmmm, i just thought of my brother Stephen   i'll call him and see what he's up to   he's retired too    or maybe i'll take in another movie  dollar movie  a kid's movie  somethin' relaxin'   i had to have a shot of whiskey saturday nite after seeing so many action films  whew!   well i was also upset about my niece's situation, but i'm good now    got my music on   time for a shower    have a great day everyone!

Monday, March 3, 2008

monday nite

well i'm still around despite internet connection   they're scheduled to be here friday, but i may have to call them again to get here before, it's monday nite and the Oprah web event is on   i started watchin' it but there were too many problems   how can they expect 139 countries in the world with the USA included to be online all at once without mega problems   go figure   i'll try to watch it tomorrow   it's centered around Tolle's book, A New Earth, Awakening to your Life's Purpose    i have the book and read at least half it this time last year   i'll begin it again soon but may read his first book, The Power of Now   both are spiritual in nature   Oprah picked his second book for her book club and of course it sold millions   it's a very good book  i recommend it   if your spiritual at all and open minded, this book's for you   anyways, enough of this subject....

today was a stay at home day   i had 2 days reprieve from the blues only for them to be back today   so i didn't go to work   i'm doin' better this evening   i'm practicing my guitar, listening to music, and watchin' tv (ballgame)   i like this life of chillin'   and today i saw my therapist   she gave me some more suggestions for handling this illness   i also talked a little regarding my niece's situation   It's all good, but recent events reminded me that i am fragile a bit   but just remember, i'm determined as hell regardless...tomorrow is a new day   i should be gettin' my motorcycle out from the shop    i'll be takin' it 4 a ride before work provided it's not too cold   the cold weather has returned a bit, but who knows, maybe i'll dress like an eskimo and ride anyways   if the sun is shinin', i'll be ridin'!....Life is Good, no doubt about it...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

chicken noodle soup

so, i wrote this nice long journal entry a moment ago  i was almost done and my internet connection dis-connected   so i'll keep this short....first of all, the text and font size mechanics are not workin' on my journal, so if this is in very small lettering like the last entry, complain to aol....second, our minister announced today that he will retire effective 1sep08   i'll miss him...third, i've talked to just about everyone in the family about what's happening between my sister and her daughter   i'm now waiting to talk to my niece   it's ugly as usual with my older sister, but i'm going to do what i can...fourth, it's been a nice day   piddlin' in between cuddlin' with my dogs when they're not jumpin in my lap while on the computer...fifth, and most important,  the major blues are gone for now   i'm feelin' GOOD!!!!....i'll be back after getting internet connection fixed...cya then!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

more action...

hello ...tonite i saw I Am Legend...time to take a break from the action films   they're wearing me   goodness, i need a cigarrette   maybe later   anyways yesterday i was in the middle of an entry when my oldest niece im'd me   we've chatted for a couple nites in a row now   most we've ever communicated since i haven't been in touch   they were good chats and again i was reminded why i live here in NM   i just want to kick my older sister's ass   long story and i won't go into details, but as usual she's stirring up trouble   anyways, i'm going to talk with my oldest niece again and see if there's anything i can do   i've felt for years my hands have been tied for different reasons   maybe this time i can step in somehow   that's my family  it's damn hard too  many times   i will get the meantime did i tell you i started my guitar lessons again?  had my first one on thursday   i pray my left shoulder and arm hold out   that's what gave me the problems last time i put it down   some way, some how, i'm gonna the meantime i'm headed to church tomorrow   i'll get the official announcement that our minister will retire effective sept 1   it'll be interesting to see how changes take place between now & then, then afterwards   maybe Rev Jennie will apply for the position and actually get it  people come and go from church due to their likes or dislikes   we'll see what happens...