Tuesday, January 30, 2007

tuesday morn

good morn everyone    i haven't been here awhile    there's not much to tell   i haven't been anywhere, except a workshop, or done anything, except finally a hike in the midst of this cold winter    last week i spent the whole week, except thursday, either doing preparations for a workshop or attending it over the weekend    i felt like i was back to full time work again in lieu of retirement   but it's over for now, at least until the next workshop   it was a good workshop on the idea of We Way, collective wisdom of the whole   enlightening and uplifting   it was well worth the time...on thursday i took the day off and finally got a hike in    i haven't hiked in months and have been aching to go    the trail wasn't as bad as i thought it would be   i imagined it being totally muddy, slippin' & slidin' away    however, it was pretty solid with a few patches of snow, a couple puddles, and little mud    i didn't hike long for i'm way out of shape but enjoyed it immensely as i burned my lungs to the fresh air    i did sit with my eyes closed for about a half hour enjoying the warm of the sun on my face   Heaven, the quiet solitude among nature    once the hike was over, i came home and took a nap   it sure did relieve the stress for the week, but i was back at it on friday    so today, i'm back on the mountainside for another hike    i get to have a couple days off before returning to more meetings and volunteer work ...i did start a new class at church in preparation to become a spiritual counselor there   the class is great, but i wonder sometimes, do i really desire to be a spiritual counselor    all in time i will know    maybe it will be different than all this volunteering   i certainly hope so....

Monday, January 22, 2007

Da  Bears!!!!!

we did it!!!    we're in the Super Bowl!!!!!!

now we have our hands full with the Colts but we can beat 'em     GO BEARS!!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007


ok this is a new one on me    girlfriend M called me for dinner on her way home from Durango, CO    i went for tea and conversation    she ordered eel and shared it with me   first time ever with eel   and it turned out pretty good   i think it was a Sushi restaurant   first time for Sushi as well    i always wanted to go to the Samurai restaurant, maybe it's Japanese with Sushi?    anyways, it was a good hour or more spent with a wonderful friend    she's been gone 10days and i was overdue for coffee with her    great to see her!    good food too....

now, the other event of the day was speaking to my son   i think i mentioned he's in a quiet space in Iraq   well today he tells me he may have the chance to go chase the bad guys   i told him 'good' while shaking in my shoes   i support him 1000% in what he wants to do,  but i'm not telling him i'd rather not see him in combat    anyways, i'm fine   i chilled out after the phone conversation while finish reading my book-a fantasy novel    i know he'll be fine no matter what   besides this may not happen    i told him to keep me posted   in the meantime, he got his thermal shirts and the pics i sent   i sent a few pics from the holidays   he's still sounding good   let's hope it stays that way...until another day   ...take care

Friday, January 12, 2007

VOM February

Volunteer of the Month for February    i was nominated and accepted VOM for February at church    it came as a surprise for i had forgotten we honored volunteers each month   i thanked some at church, but they just kept telling me i did it   well i did, but...anyways, i sit here this morn hoping my son will call again   he called yesterday morn and i missed his calls    i tried calling back at the number he gave me, but i couldn't get thru   the only good thing about that was it saved me $2 a minute    anyways, he's doing good over there   did i mention where he's located is pretty quiet   so i'm not worried as much   he sounds more like his confident self as well   so hopefully he'll call anytime now.....in the meantime, i had coffee with Rev Jen yesterday   a joy as always as we discussed different thoughts & ideas   we also looked in our Science of Mind book regarding pyschics and discussed that topic    i had already thought that religious science doesn't include pyschism and she affirmed that    we both disagreed with their decision and feel it should be open for debate at least    i'd like to discuss that further with her, but we were at the end of our get together standing out in the cold   i'm sure we'll pick it up again    for now, i'm starting another class at our church, ACSL next week    i'm anxious and excited for it's the last class required before going into the Practitioner's classes    a Practitioner as i finally understand it is simply a spiritual counselor within our church who also does prayer work    once i become a practitioner, and that'll take 2more yrs of studying plus boards and exams, i'll decide if i desire to become a minister    all in due time, for i also will study photography at UNM within the next year or two, probably obtaining my bachelor's degree in it    i have such a passion about it, i must do something more with it than i am now    goodness, sooo much to do, so little time....lol

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Blood Diamond

Intense!!! but a really good movie    don't take the children, but see this   it's a bit bloody, but the story is well worth seeing...........now on a happier note....see Happy Feet and do take the children....nest stop-Eragon!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Integrity   i've been thinking about that today   my own integrity    the other day i caught myself at a little white lie and realized that was not the usual me    it was like a habitual response as if still at the p.o.   my integrity there was compromised much for to be totally honest all the time every time did me no good   seemed to make my life there worse in lieu of better   so i learn to stretch the truth, or abstain from it    as soon as i made my comment the other day, i said to myself, karen you're no longer at the p.o., you can get back to your true self    granted there will be times when the whole truth and nothing but the truth is not wise, but i no longer have to conceal the entire truth anymore    and it was odd   while at the p.o. i saw a newsreport somewhere that in many places, about 48% i think, people's integrity was compromised in the workplace   i wouldn't have believed it so if it wasn't for where i worked    so one of my new years' resolution will be to work on my integrity more   to be more true to myself and others    such a small thing, but a big issue for me    there's enough corruption, i don't need to feed that...

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

another blanket


I am free.  My mind is clear.  I am safe.  I accept things just as they are.  I accept me just as I am.  I turn it over.  My life is a life of choice.  I surrender.  I walk in serenity.  I live for today.  I stay in the moment.  I am perfect just the way I am.  I let go.  Today I am content with my life.  Gratitude is my attitude.  Easy does it...I am confident.  Today I keep it simple.  I have wings to fly.  I am in perfect harmony.  I live in the solution.  I am willing.  I live one day at a time.  I am open minded.  I meet all situations with poise.  I live and let live.  Today I live life on life's terms.  Acceptance is the answer.  I am not alone.  I am OK.  I embrace the journey...

Monday, January 1, 2007

it's cold outside...

 Happy New Year everybody!    Hope your new year is better than years long ago.....it's freakin' cold here this morn    it's only 5 degrees outside   brrrrr......