Friday, June 30, 2006

happy holiday weekend

     here's wishing everyone a great holiday weekend!    God bless the USA!   God bless our troops!  God bless everyone!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

a good soldier

the ongoingness of the reflections of my life continue   each day unfolds   each day i awaken to a new message   just yesterday i heard that inner voice say "you cannot escape the black in you"   which i knew was the darkside within me   i suppose we all have that dark side about us   what mine is completely i have yet to know   i think the dark side is just another part of llife, a part of each of us to be revealed to us at some point in our lives   what that consists of is individualistic, personal to one self  but it is all my message was this morn, "you're a good soldier"    odd, but not really, that my life seems to be the equation of that   it began in childhood as my father i swear treated us like soldiers and we had to reply yes sir, yes ma'am    then i went into the Air Force for 6yrs plus 3yrs guard duty, then there was the Postal Service for 20yrs   yep you had to be a good soldier in the p.o.   they prefer veterans just for that    so all my life i've been a soldier   i guess my life's calling   now the future is untold, but i will always be that soldier   Life's duty calls, and i will answer......i'm curious what my Spirit will continue to teach me about myself    it feels so good to finally have some insight....

O my Spirit, fire in my soul

that allows my life,

that allows my thought,

that moves my body

and quickens my joy,

I worship you, I adore you.

I invite you to govern my life,

Of the mystery in my book,

I've known not,'

but I beseech you

with all my might

that you bring forth

my unknown destiny,

for yearn I,

Spirit of my being,

to know all,

to live without end,

to be empowered.

Of this I desire,

my beloved Spirit.

So be it.

thank you Ramtha for your prayers!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

debris everywhere

or at least here on the mountain side    i went to my psyche doc today and there was mud and dirt all over this side of the mountain    last nite we had one heck of a storm, much needed no less    was hopin it would continue for 3 days as the initial forecast called   but not at the moment   looks like rain not til saturday again    well this weekend is coming and i'm ready to ride my bike to Bandelier    we'll see considering i jammed my thumb yesterday chasing my jimmy out the front door or so i thought   in the moment of panic as i heard him on the screen door, i dashed away from my computer here and jammed it somehow   lil tough ridin the bike with it just a short distance let alone a 2+hr ride   maybe by sunday it'lll be is slow here on the western front   i've done nothin but chill since returning from my trip....and it's been good for me...very good    some great revelations these past couple days     now i can become that Bulletproof Monk -saw this movie a few months ago     anyways, it's great to know my potential now and there's probably more    i was strugglin with how my kick ass attitude wood gel with my spiritual journey   then i remembered that movie   Love doesn't have one look as so i have thought and probably learned since childhood    such a great hurdle to get thru finally    Life is Good!   real good!

Monday, June 26, 2006

the all England club

Wimbledon   the greatest tennis tournament there ever was, or is that just the hype   any tennis is great by me    my second Love in sports    this is my farewell to Andre Agassi   i will sorely miss you   you have been a bright spot in tennis for years now   your exuberance in play, your dazzling smile and that pierced ear will not be forgotten   o those matches with Pete Sampras are unforgettable, yet you prevailed anyways   but yes there is life other than sports   more adventures and family time to experience in one's lifetime   thank you Andre for your uniqueness that you brought to this sport and the world!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


finally,   saw this movie last nite    altho i began watchin it the other day with Cindy, she fell asleep on me so i came home    she finally loaned it to me so i could finish watchin it    wonderful movie!    must own this myself    and i think there's magic in chocolate for i've had a daily ritual of it for awhile now    and now, this moment, is time for more...

Friday, June 23, 2006

jury duty plus

not sure i told you, but i've been summoned for jury duty    orientation started today but just before it started i discovered i had been postponed til jul 14    i had requested a delay due to doctor appointments next week    well that wasn't the adventure this morn   it was gettin there that was the adventure    i went to the garage where i was informed i could park free   still drinkin my coffee and not awake, i didn't even think of height clearance on my car   well i keep forgetting i have a rack and spare tire up there    well another moment of forgetfulness and i knocked them off     God i couldn't believe i did that, but laughed at myself anyways    o braino wasn't workin this morn   altho it is friday, sure does feel like a monday....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


G is for Gilbert   Cindy's beau and my tattoo artist    today he worked on my back again beginning the shading in of my back tattoo   once it is finished i'll have someone take a pic and i'll post it     G and i had a great conversation while doin the tatt    he has had his own spiritual experiences and we shared sum along with his knowledge   the one thought that stuck with me most was by doing my tattoo i was doin Soul work as well    odd he should say that since i'm always ready to break down and cry when he works on my back   today i did just that a little   the tatt wasn't that physically painful, but the emotions that were comin' thru were    he offered to do a spread sheet on me and i'll take him up on that   i want to learn all i can about my Soul and gain all the spiritual enlightenment i can    G is a new gift in my life   it'll be great to learn from him ...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

what am i doin'

i really don't know at the moment   one moment i want to see Ramtha, the next i don't    lately i've been pondering my life   trying to get it to fit in form of some kind    i realized i've been thinking in order to do my spiritual journey i would need to give up something or an aspect of life, or so my thinking has said    then it dawned on my yesterday what a bunch of horse puckey   why can't i have it all   but part of the tear in my soul has been not desiring a mate ever again   just being happy alone    well it hit me like a ton of bricks the other day that i was ready for a date   maybe i'm ready for a mate   and yes i can have it all and still do my spiritual journey    i've been trying to recapture what my spiritual journey really looks like   i haven't had a clue since my stinkin illness a dozen years ago   but slowly and surely as time unfolds, i get a glimpse   this time it includes people    i've been feelin like being a monk for a few months or so, whatever a monk does i have no clue   but celibacy was lookin mighty fine for a little while there    anyways, after this weekend, i've given up the monk idea    yet i will continue to formulate my spiritual journey and what that looks like for me    it truly is somethin within me to be lived out    what the formula consists of i'm searchin for it    it'll come to me    i had it before my illness, i'll have it again!

Monday, June 19, 2006

world cup soccer

just finished watchin my first complete game of World Cup Soccer   although i have watched bits n pieces, it's not the same as watchin the whole    i had forgotten how exciting this sport is   yes i played it in my 20s    the agility, endurance, speed and excitement at the drop of a ball   there's nothin like it    i love american football, but as far as shape and conditioning, i don't think anything beats soccer     constant running up & down that field along with a team effort by every single player makin a difference    it is a brutal game, but well worth its glory   if you get short of breath, you're out of shape   i only played for about 5yrs, but it was a blast!    now come thursday, i'll definitely be watchin our USA team (saturday's game i stayed in touch but was busy with plumbing)   World Cup Soccer    don't miss it!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

gettin dirty!

mechanic 2 plumber   tis was my day    o boy  pink dyke at it again   i guess i made it to the dyke world (tee hee)    anyways, it wasn't the battery regarding my bike    thanks to Brian's help at the service department, i figured out it was the starter relay    i had to check the fuse and the starter relay to see what was up   i took the starter relay out and ordered another part    it'll take a week to get in, but it'll cost nothing for me to install, i'll be doin that part    well guess i'll get my house cleaned since my bike is sittin   o well gotta do it sometime....

once my mechanic duties were over with the bike this morn, i joined Cindy at her house for plumbing work    think i got there about noon and just got home @ 8:15pm   we were installling automatic sprinkler systems in her lawn   now the sprinklers all already installed   we changed it from a manual valve to an automatic timed valves    there was a lot to it    i did the digging and some sawing pipes and gofer for anymore parts needed    Cindy pieced it all together which is what she wanted to do   her mother assisted in the planning and watering development   at the end of the day C & i were covered in dirt head to toe    but we did finish just in time to get lottery tickets   good luck to us all!

Friday, June 16, 2006

i hope...

it's only the battery   after a day of shoppin and ridin my bike, my bike konked out on me   i've charged the battery and will leave it chargin overnite   put it in first thing in the morn   if it doesn't start, then it's electrical    i'm prayin it's only the battery     i recognized today i despise not being able to hop on that bike anytime i want, which is everyday    i'm luvin the rides    Ride the Wind!    there's nothin like it!

an adventure

an adventure i'm on   back into the Lord of the Rings    i have yet to read those books except the prelude, The Hobbit   i need an adventurous reading right now   i've been studying much spiritual enlightenment   but some of the best lessons in life is learning them thru simple pleasures   it is Ramtha mentioning these books in one of his works that i rememberd i have the books yet to be read    i hope this adventure will not only enlighten me again, but ignite in me creativity with words again     i was remembering just the other day that before my illness took major hold of me years ago, i used to write more creatively    i miss that and would love for that to return    so i'm off with kids play at my feet....Tiger is still struggling in his tournament....and my bike awaits me


after i came home yesterday, i got to reconnect to Rob an online chattin buddy of mine    we haven't chatted in months, but that's ok    he's a young (30) air force man    we used to chat several times a week for about a year or two   then his life came together for him   he's headed to pj school this weekend    he bought him a house and got married     I'm sooo happy for him!   he struggled for awhile there, but he's a good man  (wished he was   anyways,  it was great hearing from him again

then a few moments later, Tjnya called   don't remember if i told you but she moved to Illinois   that's right i think i did for i have her Tabbou    anyways,  it was good to hear from her   i'd been thinking about her a lot lately, as she with me   Andre her eldest son ended up in Illinois with her   Marlo who other son is headed to Germany july 2d-he's in the Army   Marlo is whom i bought my bike from   apparently he misses it a lot but he can come ride anytime   Tjnya's doin good in her small town country home   just her fit   she's still work 6days a week, 10hr days but that was the norm for her here if not more so   such is the life of the p.o.    it was great to see her    must be the week to catch up with everyone   first Danny, now these two   Life is good!   real good!

...and one more person, my son Kyle   he finally called last nite after not hearing from him for a couple weeks    he's trying to get into Airborne School within the Army    i hope he makes it   i hope he makes the Army a career, but he's not lookin at that right now   but time could change his mind   we'll see   if not he wants to come back home here    i gather he considers this his home now which i appreciate    he's got good potential   i just hope he develops it while in the Army...

Thursday, June 15, 2006


windy as heck today, but as soon as i got my bike out of the shop, i hit the road anyways   went to the mountains where it was worse as far as the wind was concerned   but i had a great time    nice to be back on that bike!    let the good times roll......

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

take me out to the ballgame...

first and most importantly, i saw Danny today for the first time in a year    he was my co-worker who went back to Iraq   he just returned in April and i saw him down the street as i was headed to work    it was great to see him   he looks good, seems very happy, and is estatic to  be home   i got his phone number and will hook up with him later (he was delivering mail when i saw him)    it was sooo great to see him again   the war has mellowed him a bit and he's grown up some more   Thanks Danny for serving our country!

now, this evening Cindy & I went to the ballpark   C can't stand the heat and of course she wood notice the temp of 92degrees   it didn't seem that bad to me, but i just recently learned she had heat stroke when she was a kid so she's very sensitive to the heat    anyways, despite the warm temp, we had a good time   we got to harass each other despite a losing effort by our 'Topes    a live ballgame is far more appealing than watchin it on tv   there are more games in the future and i already have my tickets    let's hope it cools down so Cindy can continue to go with....

motorcycles & helmets

ok, i've read about Pittsburgh's Big Ben enough   STUPID!   I own a motorcycle and wouldn't be caught dead without a helmet    use your head, don't lose it   granted you can be the best motorcyclists there ever was, but you can't trust the other driver   most people don't even think of motorcyclists   as many of us there are, we are just not visible enough to the other driver   i'm always thinking of the other driver even while driving my car    i learned that not only from motorcycle riding course but just driving here in albuquerque    there are more drivers on the road and everyone's in their own little world when driving   i understand the great feeling of be free while riding without a helmet,,'s just not sensible!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

a day on the mountain

well i think i mentioned earlier i had a cold    so i've been fighting that all week   it's almost gone   cleared enough for me to make it to the Peak    everyone and thier dog made it there   except i didn't take my dogs    all the trails on the mountain are closed  i went the other day down the street and that trail was closed as well    so i'll be hiking right next to town, but that's ok   at least i get to hike still    so today i sat on the edge of the mountain, for some reason i love the edge, and contemplated life    it was a good day there   actually only a few hours there for i really wanted some solitude, but i enjoyed the people anyways    the wind blew and you could smell the dryness in the air   i think just a thought of fire would have ignited the trees it was so dry    but it was a good time there and i felt better after the visit    i came home and realized i'm ready for a monastery or something like it    so i'll make my apartment into one sorta   do my spiritual practices, play some meditation music, read and study then play with my dogs    i'll be starting classes again in the near future   i'm excited and can hardly wait   it'll be a home study program, but i'm going to have a blast    in the meantime, i've decided i'm going to see Ramtha   hopefully by next summer    i must see some more family first and a friend, then i'll definitely get there    Life is still good    the Unknown awaits me....

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ramtha's Prayer

O my beloved Spirit, my mighty Spirit, 

Omnipotent One, you who are filled

with the  power of heaven and Earth,

fill me with your power.

O my Spirit, fill me with your manifested kingdom,

that I may be a vessel to  bring forth

that which is unseen in heaven, to subdue that which

is seen on Earth.

Manifest for me my daily food, that I may live

to know my guilt, my doubt, my sorrow,

and then realize the truth.

O mighty Spirit, do not allow me to be tempted.

Protect me from all that would persuade me.

And manifest through me God divine.

So say I

So be it.

To Life!

this is a prayer comparitive somewhat to the Lord's Prayer, however it does even more   today i needed a prayer   every day i need a prayer   as i continue my spiritual journey this will be my daily prayer   Ramtha is a great spiritual teacher   he gives you the tools to return back to God and the Divine within ourselves   this is one of the tools    use it if you like and know you will awaken... 

Tuesday, June 6, 2006


WHOA!   i didn't realize i had sooo many pics from disney   and these are not all of them    anyways, it was a blast!   the first day at the park we had lunch with Pooh & friends so those pics are included   i'm a BIG fan of Pooh and you'll see me with him:-)    we spent 2 days at disney splitting the second day so we could be there at nite for the fireworks    i didn't get any photos of the fireworks, we weren't where i wanted to be for those so i passed but it was a beautiful show    we did see SpectroMagic Parade which was a lighted parade    we only spent our time in Magic Kingdom park for the kids   the next trip will be an adult tour for all the other theme parks    we also saw a parade during the day   thank goodness it lasted only about 15mins   we waited in the tremendous heat for about a half hour for it and got our workout in the sun then   it was time for some nice cold popsicles which melted faster than we could eat them   i did get to ride the Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster   Kaleb went with me and i held onto him during the ride (for him and   it wasn't that bad really just it's been decades since i've done a rollercoaster    my highlight at Disney was truly watching the kids enjoy themselves   i spent more time hangin out with lil man Kameron while my sister and the others rode rides    there were a few rides we all took in like the carousel, it's a small world, peter pan flight , the train and the like   at the end of the trip we all got t-shirts and i also got a sweatshirt    we had already packed the car and i forgot to leave my sweatshirt out for the trip home   my sis kept freezing my little tush off  (i don't like ac anyways   i always get cold)   so now i have a cold from going in & out of heat and air conditioning all week   today i even dealt with the 98 degree temp here at home without the air conditioning   i feel a tidbit better already   nothin like sweatin it out   i'm so accustomed to dealing with the natural temps of the weather   i still desire to remain that way....anyways, that's the photos and the trip    until i head out for another trip somewhere or just photo shooting    my motorbike is in the shop, but as soon as i get it out i'm on the road again    in the meantime, stay tuned for whatever's happening in the life of karebear:-)

Monday, June 5, 2006

Sea World

ok    here are the best shots of Sea World   we spent a day and a half here    the first pics have those western hats i sent the kids before departing for the trip   so 3 of the kids and i were in our western attire for the first day at Sea World   we saw mostly all the animals at Sea World the first day    lil man Kameron fell in love with the alligators and threw a fit when we left them    amazing what catches a little one's heart   we did see one show that day, the Sea Lion and Otter show   Kameron had a great time   he clapped and 'yay' the entire show   the other kids enjoyed it just as much just not so animated about it   the second day we went we saw Shamu and the other Orca whales    this was the highlight for the whole trip   now there aren't any photos of Shamu because my sister had us in the SOAK ZONE    i took a few pics of the other whales performing and then put the camera away   thank goodness i did for i got SOAKED! while everyone else got droplets of water    i got all teary eyed with this beautiful show presented    and Shamu is just Awesome, out of this world    the best pic of him was at the end but the camera was put away   he soaked a lot of people!    this a must see event for everyone ....anyways, that's it for pics today    i've spent tons of time on them today figuring out how to get them all downloaded, putting together emails for my sis and dad of the photos and now these 2 entries    besides i must save something for manana....


well "whoa!" was somethin' lil man Kameron kept saying whenever he saw somethin'    well he didn't see this aquarium my father and Jo Ann (stepmother) took me to   but here are some photos from a beautiful aquarium with just about everything in it    (and my father and stepmother are in the pics)   there was a butterfly garden where the butterflies were contained by flying around   i captured of few of them   then there were the parrots,  but most of all were fishes and alligators and turtles and such in the water   it was at least a 3 story building and well worth the trip located in Chattanooga, more photos coming of the kids    they'll be posted in two segments   one for Sea World, the other Disney    i took over 300 pics on my vacation   ain't life grand!

p.s.   the turtle shell on the wall is as tall as the wall...

Sunday, June 4, 2006

i'm back!

i made it home!   i had a great trip!    i'm just sharing a few photos of the kids   all my pix of the trip didn't download so i'm recharging the battery for the camera    i hope that is all it is    i did get a few photos downloaded before it stopped   the above pics are all 4 kids i spent my vacation with    the first little guy is Kameron, 2yrs old   in this first pic he wouldn't say cheese for me   he had yet to warm up to me   but the last pic posted of him, just had to take that one, he had warmed up to me and was being a ham in front of the camera    he and i spent lots of time together even sleeping together at nite sharing it with his puppy (stuff toy)    the next tyke is Kameron's older brother, Kaleb    the third pic is Maechala then follows her brother Jaydin    all 4 kids are my sisters grandkids and i call them MY Babies    i guess these would be my grandkids if i had any    anyways, it was a great trip and i'll tell you more about it once i get all the pics posted hopefully tomorrow    although i've been back since late saturday nite, my computer didn't get home til this evening    it stayed at Cindy's house, nice and's great to be home because there's no place like home!..........................note:   the pics were re-posted and put out of order as told above    the last 2 pics are of Kameron, then Kaleb, Maechala, & Jaydin   aol had this entry posted twice   as i deleted one, it removed the pics in the other....argh!