Friday, November 23, 2007

black friday

well it's Black Friday and i was out in this mess for a little bit    the day started goin' over to Marsha's   i watched Lil Madison while she showered   then we were headed out to look for something that Madison could climb on   those play boxes or something   well before we went anywhere i insisted we go buy Madison a jacket   it was 32 degrees out and her mother did not send a jacket for her   so off to KMart before meetin' the mom at Scarpas for lunch   well we got there, found a jacket plus sum, got in line and took forever   i sent Marsha & Madison onto lunch while i finished waitin' in a very slooow line  Scarpas was across the street from KMart    after lunch we took Madison to Grampy's house for his half day of sitting   then off to a movie  Lions for Lambs   great movie!   i highly recommend it   after no sound and a break down of visuals, the theater gave us passes for another movie although we did get to complete this one   so then it was off to find a playset    first Big 5  no luck   Target being next door, we walked over there   well 2hrs later or so and a cart full of stuff except for a playset we headed out   i did get a Christmas tree   good size for $20   couldn't pass it up   for several years i've been buying real trees, miniature size and setting on the table   finally, i bought a green unreal tree which i pray the dogs don't pee on it-hence the reason i had given up on real fir trees to begin with   so i'll have a big tree again   lookin' forward to decoratin' it soon since i didn't have any tree last year-out of town    anyways, Marsha also bought me a stuffed bird or paper bird   anyways, it was to go in my bird cage i bought recently   i really wanted to buy a parakeet, the real thing, but Marsha & M talked me out of it   plus one fine morn i realized my two dogs are enough for the moment   they're a handful   so at least now i have a bird   named it Levi since it's blue   until the day i get the real thing   years from now   after Target we went back to Grampy's and picked up Madison   alas home at Marsha's then it was back to my adobe bode    it was an 8hr adventure that wasn't suppose to last that long   o well   now it's not even 8pm and i'm ready for bed   ....soon my pillows will be callin'

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Game is on!!! And you're IT!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007


alas, Thanks to Anne i figured out how to display my photos as above   God i'm soooo happy    now all 84 of these photos are the pics i took at the Bosque del Apache    it was such a great trip    we first stopped at the Owl Bar Cafe and had green chile cheeseburgers   delicious!    then we were off    it was a great day!.........ok i'm playin'   change last entry's display of photos    did this one different   o what fun!

Friday, November 16, 2007

more Bosque del apache

bosque del apache

   meet my hikin' buddies  Marsha and her grandbaby Madison    we made it to the Bosque del Apache today    these are snow geese coming in for the night   we saw a few cranes too which i'll post soon    it was a short trip and our lil Miss Madison got a little cranky on the way home   she's was just plummed tuckered out   but Marsha and i both realized this Nature Refuge is more than a one day trip   the birds are there all winter long   we'll go again soon!  this was a very Beautiful evening...

another look?

so, when did they change the look again on the journals?    i know it's been awhile since i've written    time flies when you're having fun   and fun it has been    well not sure i told you, but i'm now co-coordinator of the Hike group at my church   i took them to the top of Sandia Peak last week   everyone loved it   it was about a 3mi round trip hike over to Kiwanis Cabin and the restaurant that sits atop   between my cold and the high alittude, my breathing was hard at times   but i finished   it was a beautiful day and has been here every day for awhile   when not hiking, i've been reading 4 books in 4 weeks   i just finished White Fang yesterday    before that i read, Call of the Wild, Merle's Door, and Into the Wild    all great books with plenty of nature in them, and hunting   except for Into the Wild, they all centered around a dog or a wolf    i enjoyed all 4 books immensely   i hope to see the movie Into the Wild this week   i Loved this book   it reminded me of when i was on the edge to go and live off the land into the wild myself   the closest i got was living on the other side of the mountain, which was great and sufficient enough   after reading all 4 of these books, i've been ready to go hunting   i did it once @ 10yrs old with my dad   he gave me that gun we used that day   maybe i'll have to load it up and just go huntin'   but that will entail a great deal of thought whether to get sum shells for it due to this illness i have   i'll know if and when to go huntin   need to find a huntin' buddy   as a kid, i helped my mom or my sister and i skinned the rabbits and squirrels my dad would bring home   my sister hated it   i loved it   thought it was the kewlest thing   just wish my dad had taken me more often    anyways, i love nature so these books were well worth the read   and Jack London's writing is awesome....well i must get started with my day    today i'm off to the Bosque del Apache with Marsha and her grandbaby Madison (1yr)   they're my hikin buddies   the Bosque is where all the birds migrate for the south   i've been wanting to go for years, but kept forgetting   alas, i'm off for the adventure    i'll take plenty of pics and post them soon    have a great one   God Bless You!