Tuesday, April 29, 2008

anticipation..she's making me wait

caught the mornin' sunrise this morn   it's been awhile, way too long since i did that   i was reading one of Ramtha's books again last nite, i was reminded of it   so, although i had the alarm set for 6:30am, my inner clock woke me at 6am   plenty of time to catch her on the horizon breaking the mountain top to show her splendid glory   she is a beautiful sight   i used to watch sunrises all the time when i lived in the mountains   i miss them   as i waited, i watched the men across the street reporting to work   their constructing another building for the school   bicyclists rode by for their mornin' commute   the noise of the city was at its usual   maybe tomorrow i'll get to the foothills where i hike and hear the serenity of nature while she rises   and as i waited for her this morn, i vividly remembered the morn i was at the Grand Canyon watching her come up   so beautiful   i'm asking myself now, where are my photos of that   somewhere   i'll be going back, and i must do it again   it came to me it's been a few years since being at the Grand Canyon   i didn't have my digital camera at that time   so it's goin' to be a great adventure there this fall   i look forward to it tremendously....anyways, so now recognizing my need for the sunrise and nature, i'll do my best to keep it goin' daily   for those are my spiritual practices i came to realize last nite   being in tune with God and all Its beauty and the ongoingness of Life...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

neighbor update

so, i got a visit from the neighbor today   the complaint this time=my music was too loud   well i know differently   so i called my landlord, which they had done too   apparently they've been complaining about the other neighbor on the other side of them too   and i think the other neighbors as well not attached to our building   ..i decided to take a bike ride   on the way out, i saw the woman of the house and i presume her sister carrying out two babies, one newborn   so i finally put it together   that's why they want quiet   one for the baby to sleep, the other so the mother to sleep   he made a comment saying his wife couldn't sleep   well i didn't wake til 9am   ...so anyways, my landlord is going to talk to them   they have definitely moved into the wrong neighborhood if they want a quiet place   too many dogs here for that alone   so maybe they'll move    i do feel better since talking to my landlord   i pray the new neighbor finds them a quiet place   maybe a house to rent....

anyways, so i ride my bike up to MADrid   it was a NICE ride    there was a cold wind today even in town   colder in the mountains which is the hwy to Madrid   but i was dressed warm   once there i sat had coffee and a bear claw   i found a place in the sun and contemplated, people watched, and enjoyed the day   when it was time to come home, my battery was dead again   it was dead last week   my serviceman said it was one thing i was doing and that the RUN/OFF switch shouldnt make a difference in draining the battery as long as the ignition was turned Off   well i learned today that isn't the case   i had left it in RUN position again   the battery drained despite the ignition being turned off    so now i know    found jumper cables and a gentleman will to let me use his car   we got her started   warmer ride home   but during the ride today, i did notice i need new tires sooner than later    so i just refigured my budget and will definitely get them this next month    just need tobe careful   ...recently i was thinking of selling my bike to take care of a financial obligation   i'm very Happy i didn't    the bike ride is just what i needed today even though it was a short one   i've been fighting major mood swings for almost 3months now  i've been asking myself how can i be in peace, love & joy while in these moods   i got my answer today=TAKE A RIDE!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

affirmation of the day

so i found this affirmation in Dr Wayne Dyer's book, LIVING the WISDOM of the TAO... i love this affirmation    hope you enjoy it too!


                               I am moral, profitable

                            and a genius extraordinaire,

                                 regardles of what any

                                transcript or bank

                             statement might say.

dog complaint

so, i get a call from my landlord this morn   the new neighbor called and complained about my dogs barking all night   that's bullshit!!!   my dogs are inside asleep with me   i did let them out early this morn because they woke me wanting outside   i didn't bring them immediately back in and i did hear Boo barking    she likes to bark, whether inside or outside    last week this same neighbor was outside my door-my dogs let me know   he said he was trying to figure out where the barking was coming from because it was irritating   i told him mine were inside, which they were and he couldn't possibly hear them thru the walls   maybe he did, but it should have been muffled, toned down, from the walls   Boo had been doing her usual play and barking in the house that mornin...anyways, if these neighbors don't like dogs barking, they've moved into the wrong neighborhood, apartment complex   there are dogs in practically every apartment here   we have the yards to have them   there are also dogs immediately behind me that are constantly barking   what pisses me off is why didn't the neighbor come to me and talk about it?   i've never had anyone in the 2 1/2yrs i've lived here, ever complain about my dogs   now i have a new neighbor who is complaining   my last neighbor played their music very loud, but i talked to them myself   we had an agreement by his suggestion   so now i'm thinking about confronting my new neighbor   will let myself calm down first   ...i'm just blowin' off steam in this entry   i'll recollect myself and go from there whether to confront or not to confront   lately i've been thinkin of renting a house   maybe i should really look into that   i will know in time   have a great day!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

auntie duty

so, i call Marsha this morn to check in on her   she has a major tooth ache  during our conversations i got the picture she wanted me to drop in   so i did, picking up my huevos rancheros on the way from Flying Star   got to Marsha's and the right side of her face is hugely swollen   thank goodness i took sum 800mg ibuprofen i recently got for something else from the doc   then she informs me Diana, her daughter, is flat on her back with a major headache  well i immediately thought of Lil Miss Madison   i immediately said i'd watch her   i stayed there to do that   Marsha crawled to the kitchen and did dishes   i kept an eye on Madison   then it was diaper duty for the second time  again a poopy diaper too....lol   o well   then Marsha finally had sum soup she put in the microwave and i served it up   then it was feeding time for Madison   next it was time to dress her so we could go outsideit for a little bit in her swing her grampy hung for her on the porch   Marsha then heated a bottle which i took and put Sugar Plum into bed   all in a day's work i suppose for auntie duty   but it was fun   glad i could help out   i immediately left so Marsha could go and take her nap    she had just taken one of those ibuprofens and it started working almost immediately for her    as i left, i told her to call me if she needs further help when she or Madison wakes up   maybe her dad will come get her, she said    time for him to step up to the plate again   anyways, so that's been my day thus far    the remainder will be to chill and continue my spring cleaning of going thru the closets & drawers ridding myself of clothes i really no longer wear and/or desire    i thought of another hike, but i'm sore from yesterday   will get back to it manana   it's a beautiful day today   i'm going to enjoy a lazy sunday...


Congrats to Danica Patrick for winning her first race...she made history yesterday being the first woman to win an Indy Car Series race    it was the Indy Japan 300   an AWESOME feat for her   another giant step for women!!!   yeah!!!

Battleship Rock

Whew!   another church group hike   another long,very long day   first as the day began, i didn't pay attention to my camera and where the settings were   i just picked it up and started shooting   well somehow one lever had gotten moved somehow   so the initial photos are a bit dark, but much nicer when it comes to the lighting   this is a good 'accident' for now i'm ready to play with my camera manually   photography is all about Light, well almost    capturing the right lighting is important   i recognize with these photos having it all on Auto is not a good thing  not that i ever thought it was, but these photos definitely demonstrate the difference   so now i'm ready to go play more with my camera   which means i'll be on another road trip soon...lol

anyways, these photos are of our hike at Battleship Rock in the Jemez Mountains   our intent was to find natural hot springs, which we did   we first headed to a waterfall (included in photos)   a new guy to our hike group, Louie, lead us there  he's in the bandana skull cap by the waterfalls   then we headed on up the trail to McCauley Springs   2miles in, all up hill....wait, before either of these adventures, we stopped at Soda Dam just down the road   the photos with rock sculpted and water rushing thru it....anyways, back on the trail, we hiked along a stream or river, whatever you want to call it   i'm used to rivers being as big as the Ohio River   there are a few pics of the stream, rushing water   along the trail, Louie found a rock with seashell fossils in it   those pics are included too   it was a beautiful hike along the red clay dirt   and only the people pictured was on the hike  just 5 of us   a few of the photos i took were just for gee whiz purposes, trying to capture the art in nature   i recognize as we got to the hot springs, i didn't really take photos of them   two of the guys with us are captured dangling their feet in the hot springs   there were 2 hot springs  water beautifully clear   then 2 guys decided to jump in   one in his birthday suit (butt naked) and another left his briefs on   i chose these springs because more popular springs were down the road, but nudity was a certain   one guy didn't want to go there   he didn't stay long   i knew he had to be somewhere at a certain time, but i don't think he really liked the other guy being butt naked in the springs   o well, can't make everyone happy   i personally didn't care   not like i haven't done my own skinny dipping years ago when i was young   we stayed awhile at the springs   more people came and went to the other spring jumping in their birthday suits  what is a hot spring without nude people?   once we got out and hiked back, we stopped at Los Ojos Tavern  basically bar & grill   it is rustic and had a fire going in the fireplace   the fireplace was HUGE   the bikers were in & out of there   reminded me of the the place in the movie Wild Hogs where they found all those bikers   there were other plain folk in our place also   we ate our meal then played pool   we really didn't play a game because the 8 ball and another ball were missing   plus Anne had never played pool before   but we had a blast anyways...then we headed home    the guys who got in the hot springs, slept on the way back...lol   guess all that nature wore them out   it was a great day in nature!!!!

once back, i ran home, changed shirts and headed out to the baseball game   it was a looooooong game    the game started at 7pm   by 9pm, only 4 innings had been played   we scored 10runs in the second inning alone   lots of home runs by both teams last nite   by 10pm, i was ready to go home   we were leading 12-9 when we left with only 2 innings left to be played   fireworks were to kick off afterwards   but i couldn't hang anymore    got home and immediately hit the sack    a really good nite's rest after 2 nights of being up late   just couldn't get to sleep until 2am   i woke early this morn   i should hit the trails more often, which i'm starting for sure tomorrow   nature definitely helps me sleep better   a wonderful way to live....

Sunday, April 13, 2008


...another great book!!!  it was a tough read, but well worth it   there's a violent scene in the beginning of the book which i almost lost my stomach   i've read much violence before, but this particular incident really got to me   it ties into the entire story   this book definitely tears at your heart   and it covers years of Afghanistan until the present   i highly recommend this book   although it's been out for about 5 years,  i just heard of it when the movie came out   the atrocities in life need not be ignored   we are blessed, very blessed here in the U.S.A.   this is another reminder of that...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

heat is back on!

i turned my heat back on  it's been cold the past couple days  too cool for even riding my bike  so i kicked the heat on this morn to take off the chill  bring back the sunshine  it's suppose to be here saturday  but friday nite we have our first Topes baseball game  we're goin to freeze our asses off, but it'll be a whole lot of fun...i got the stomach flu the day after my bike ride to Chaco Canyon   it was ugly!!  then i cut one of my guitar fingers, so haven't been practicing  finally healing, i'll get back to it today  thank God for a patience instructor  i've missed 2-3weeks of guitar lessons...Oi!...anyways, i'm doin' good now   no road trips lately except this saturday i take the hike group to Jemez springs   we'll hike the trail that leads to the natural hot springs, which i've never been in the 20yrs i've lived here  finally will know where they are for future use if i'd like  not sure i will because everybody under the sun uses them from my  understanding...and last but not least, a couple days ago i went out to my car headed for the grocery store and a window was busted  very obvious that someone was trying to break into the car, probably to steal it  it has an alarm on it that shuts it down so it won't start  my Jeep ain't goin' nowhere!  i'd be so heart broken if i ever went out there and it was gone  all the money i invested in it besides all my stickers and Bad Ass Girls Drive Bad Ass Toys on it   it's personal!!   fits me to a T....