Saturday, December 30, 2006

very unusual

well it's saturday   snowbound saturday   it's still snowing and i bet we have 2ft of snow here in the city    this is very unusual   i went out to buy my son some thermal shirts this morn so i could get them in the mail   got the shirts, but the post office is closed    this hasn't happened in 15yrs or so   Goodness    the truckers were all lined up along the interstate in two roads east bound I-40   others were in the parking lots of Target and Walmart   the city is dead   even with my 4x4 it's too much snow to get around in    i wanted sooo much to get these shirts out to my son and his buddy Josh   plus i found out the p.o. is closed tuesday due to Pres. Ford's honor   so it won't be til wednesday before these shirts get in the mail   i talked to my son yesterday   he called 3-4times last week   it's cold in Iraq   well life doesn't always go as planned   i'm not sure when this snow will clear   hopefully soon    this is very unusual, pretty, but strange...

Friday, December 29, 2006

i'm back....

well i made it home   beat the next snow storm that came in last nite   it's currently snowing here on the mountain anyways   it's beautiful   my kids are sleeping right beside me    they haven't left my side since i got home yesterday    ....anyways, the above pics are all of family except the very first one   that pic is my childhood friend and her parents   we hung out ALL the time and i spent a lot of time over at her house   it was great to see them, but i didn't realize until i was there it's been 30yrs or so since i had seen them ..goodness     so now let me see if i can sort out the rest of the pics   2. is Jason, a son of my niece Jorjeanna  3.  Rory, 2months old, Jorje's new addition   4. Madison, 3yrs old   Becca's lil' girl, Jorjeanna's sister  5.  Arlene, my older sister and Jorje's and Becca's mom  6. Jorjeanna  7. Mark, Jorje's husband   8. Ava Louise, 6weeks old, my niece Kris' new daughter  9. Aunt Betty, my mom's sis  10. My mom  11.  Me with mom & aunt betty  12.  My sis Clarine  13. my cousin JoAnn, Aunt Betty's daughter 14.  My dad, stepmother JoAnn and all the great grandkids  15.  all the grandkids with their kids with dad and JoAnn   16.  the whole damn family,  me included in there somewhere  17. Jacob, Jorjeanna's other son  18. Maechala, 4yrs old, Felicia's kid, Felicia is Kris' sis  19. Felician, Maechala, & Ava Louise  20.  Matthew, my nephew, Arlene's youngest  21. Clarine,& 2 of her grandkids Kameron & Ava Louise  22. Aunt Betty with her gag gift, a thong-she even put it on for us  23. Me with Ava Louise  24.  Maechala again  25. Felicia  26. JoAnn  27. Kameron  28. Kris with her fiance, Brenon...30. Becca, my niece  31.  the kids at a movie in the living room  32. Ava Louise  33.  Kameron as Santa Claus  35.  Aunt Pauline, another sis of my mom's  36.  Mike, Aunt Pauline's son  37 & 38.   Jaydin at karate

the trip went well    i got to visit my old hometown, Mooresville, Indiana   i also got to see my birthplace in Ft Thomas, KY    i also saw other places i lived as akid in Kentucky   it was a very busy, noisy, trip with all the commotion at Christmas, but it was good to visit after 15yrs or more   but you know, there's no place like home here in New Mexico    it's great to be back....cya soon

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

flight delay

we got a snow storm yesterday and this morn    the city was all but shut down    flights were still coming and going, but some delayed    my flight delayed so much i would have missed my connecting flight   so i've been rebooked for tomorrow with a direct flight from here to Cincinnati    hopefully it'll be a go for i've heard there's another storm coming in    so let's see....Now for some great news    my son called me today from Iraq   God it was sooo good to hear him   he sounds good and he's going to call again saturday while i'm in Ohio to talk to my mom   he sounded more like himself today than he did on the dvd the other day    he told me where he's located exactly so now i just need a map   will hit the library in Ohio asap   life is pretty good....if you don't hear from me in awhile, i made it to Ohio...

Monday, December 18, 2006

happy holidays

Merry Christmas!

i'm headed to Ohio in a couple days and much to do before then i wish everyone a Merry Christmas....cya when i get back!    Hugz!

Friday, December 15, 2006

heard from kyle

heard from my son today    received a dvd with him on it   he was in kuwait   he looked a bit different in his demeanor that is   i noticed the change about 3weeks or so before he left during our phone conversations   he says he's fine, not to worry   he did admit he was a little nervous   maybe a lot by my view   he's gotten really serious in the last month not that i blame him   he usually is cutting up like a clown all the time    but it was good to see his face and hear from him    he requested i get a copy to my mom and i'll hand carry that this next week when i get to Ohio    she's the one to finish raising him the last 8yrs or so before he went into the army   Goodness, i need to watch it again    i know he's really growing up fast now in Iraq   God i keep him and all our troops in my prayers    he said he'll be home in august, let's hope the govt keeps it that way or bring 'em home sooner....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

affirmation of the day


i am courageous.  i will not give up.  step by step my courage grows deeper and stronger.  i embrace the new and unknown.  my courage makes me brave.  i explore what iis possible without hesitation.  the wisdom of others inspires me daily.  i have the courage to let go of who i am for who i can become.  ever onward! strenght and resolve run deeep.  i boldly ask for what i want.  i surround myself with courageous and passionate people.  i follow my heart.  i give myself permission to be courageous.  i act in spite of my fears.  i choose to live filled with courage.  i look ahead and go for it.  i am no longer afraid.  i choose to be powerful.

the above affirmation is written on a blanket   it's called an affirmawrap    these blankets came into the office earlier this month and the office crew went crazy for them   we didn't know they were coming for our transformation team ordered them for fundraising for our move to our new church    of course i had to get girlfriend M one   in her favorite color purple and affirmation of abundance    i gift wrapped it and gave it to her immediately, but it wasn't until last nite that she finally opened it    she was estatic   she loved the blanket as much as i did    i bought me the one on courage   anyhows it was a great Christmas gift that came in unexpectedly   i had already bought her a book for the holiday, but this was even better   there are other affirmawraps and i hope to also buy the one on serenity    don't know where our transformation team ordered these, but way to go!

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Lobo Basketball

first,  Thanks Jimmy for reminding me of second chances   now i have all the time in the world for'm home from the game tonite   it was a women's game tonite   i'm not sure i mentioned recently or not, but i'm ushering at the men and women's basketball games now   i don't get paid, but the game is free   this weekend the women had another tournament   that means 5-6hrs of being at The Pit each nite for the two games   it's 3-4hrs for one game   we have to be there about 2hrs before tip off   we hang around for about an hour, then people start trickling in    but it's exciting and enjoying meeting people   i now have my own post i call it, the same section every ball game   there are certain people, mostly older folks, that come to both the men and women's games sitting in the same place every time   now i just pass them thru without looking at their tickets    so tonite i thought i wanted to stay later than our leaving time for the Lobos vs UCLA   it was a close game, but i realized within a couple minutes we had the game under control   plus i didn't want to mingle with the traffic on the way out    so i left with plenty time left in the game    on a one game nite we get to leave with 5mins left in the game   two games, we get to leave 10mins left in the second game   by the time i get home the Lobos games are over and all i have to do is check the website for the final score   yep we won by 9 the final score reflected   poor refereeing tonite on both teams in my opinion and there was tons of fouls   anyways, we survived    i get to see some friends even former co-workers to attend all the games   and tonite i even saw a nice lookin' woman   now if ony i had the courage to ask her for coffee  and then again who knows if i'd see her again    anyways, it was a good nite, but i was tired    i didn't make it to last nite's games because i think i had a 24hr bug   felt much better today but not 100% yet    another good nite and good day's rest i should be fine     right now i'd like a cup of coffee, but it's way too late for it   sure smelled good at the game    so guess i'll go grab a glass of milk and a book or watch tv to wind down       everyone take care   cya soon....

Friday, December 8, 2006

Boise State University

Boise State U ...i was reading the sports page this morn on aol   reading about BSU and their bowl game coming up   it brought back memories of when i was there   i attended BSU for a year   this is when i really got into photography taking 2 black & white classes   that was the good thing that came out of it   i remember i was so gun ho about going to school, now it seems almost secondary   i didn't know what i wanted to study at the time so i was doing the requirements plus some   Boise is a nice little town and the state beautiful in its uniqueness    the decision i made to leave there was a good one, but i wouldn't realize that til much later   not that heading to California was a whole lot better, but all part of the journey   my journey in life   i was wondering for a moment where would i be if i had stayed and completed my degree    now i still desire to complete my degree or two, but it isn't as pressing   now i have more perserverence, patience and durability to complete that journey    the journey of school again is coming together this next year for sure   funny how my interest has changed as well    i have changed much, but i'd like to go back to more of my spunk i had back then   does age really mellow you   it seems it has for me anyways....

Monday, December 4, 2006

he called again:-)

well he called again...but i missed the call    i was sound asleep   my first few hours of sleeping, i don't hear a damn thing   not even my dogs barking up a storm   but for some reason i woke at this ungodly hour of 2:30am and heard my phone beeping   i saved the message he left and wish i could keep it forever   he did say he'd call from iraq as soon as he could   so i'll be answering EVERY phone call that says unknown at least   usually those are bill collectors and i don't always answer that call, just call them back laterz   but now, i won't miss a phone call unless i'm sound asleep or just miss getting to the phone, but i'll have it next to me every minute of the day   Goodness, i still wonder how this war will effect him and how he'll handle it   according to my dad, kyle had told him he would be guarding the detainees, but who knows that'll hold true   my son has a tendency to blow smoke a lot and/or the army keeps changing his mission   but he still blows smoke a lot anyways   no big deal to me  i recognize it when he's doing it mostly   whatever, maybe one day he'll get out of it    anyways, it was good to hear his message   i'll be anxiously waiting for his first phone call   need to get his Christmas package off to him asap, but i'll wait til i get to Cincinnati to buy it   more Bengals gear will be available there than here unless i find something else in the meantime of more value   he's a Bengals fan like i used to be when growing up in that area of the states   anyhow, i'll be shopping for him soon...the other day i was wearing his sweater he left behind and he got such a chuckle out of it when i told him saturday nite   maybe i'll put it on again today, but if not i'll wear it often along with a couple other shirts left behind    Goodness, he's growing up some more i can tell already    time will not be soon enough before i hear from him again....i love you son!!!

Saturday, December 2, 2006

He Called!!!

i just got off the phone with my son    i'm relieved, i'm stressed, i'm whatever   but i got to talk to him tonite before he departs tomorrow nite for Iraq   he gets on the bus at 8:30pm and then takes flight i believe at 1a.m. or something like that    i was a little concerned for a little while there   he didn't seem to chippery the last few times we chatted    from our conversation i think his excitement going to Iraq has diminished or at least he said he didn't care one way or another whether he went which is different than his initial desire   but he says he's happy and all is good    he also said he had no clue when he'll be back, which doesn't surprise me at all   regardless when he comes home, i'll be setting some time aside for him   even if all he wants is to hang out with just me and not go see his grandparents   just as long as he makes it home safe and sound    God bless him!   God bless all our troops!   it's time to wrap up Iraq and bring our soldiers home!!!!!