Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Linseed Oil

how could they have not known?    it is SAD about Marion Jones   it is a major fall from grace   although she was told it was linseed oil, why didn't she stop after noticing the difference in her body and performance   and Barry Bonds was informed of the same thing   both unknowingly took steroids, but the fact remains they did take them   with that in mind, i don't think Bonds' baseball record should stand   i've had mixed feelings until i read Jones' story   i really didn't know what to think   couldn't recognize truth in all the slander   but now it is very clear   you take steroids, you should pay the price    and what a price to pay!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Da Bears!

well i'll be damned    after a poor start of the season, my Bears beat the Packers last nite in SNF   i watched the whole game this time   it was a struggle at first, but once Urlacher intercepted the ball, things started turning around for us   then the final drive and TD pass of the game, it couldn't have been a better ending   GO BEARS!    in the meantime, back in baseball my Red Sox swept the series   now it's just waiting to see if we play the Yankees or Indians   i'm hoping it's the Indians   either way, it'll be a good ALCS....in the meantime, back here at my apartment, the heat is on    it's been chilly in here the past few days, but this morn i finally had to turn the heat on   i had a sweatshirt on and it still was cold   43degrees outside and probably close to it in here   i caught a cold on thurs last and don't need to prolong it   i also got the mink blanket out last nite which kept me plenty warm (note:   i did NOT buy this mink blanket   a former lover from over a decade ago bought it in Korea while she was there   nice blanket but i don't believe in furry clothes or blankets)    anyways, it's still nice during the day here, 70degree whether but it's cold at nite here next to the mountain   but it's nice to have the fall here with winter on the way   winter a great time to hibernate and read books and watch football   i love cooler weather than our summer heat, but i think i've become cold blooded   o well, i'll still take winter over the heat anytime   well that's my story for now    have a good one!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bugs beat Yankees

so, according to the news, it was the Bugs that beat the Yankees   well i saw that game and yes there were millions of what they call canadian soldiers or flying ants, but do we need to blame the bugs for the Yankees loss    in any sport you must deal with the conditions at hand   it was implied in the news that the umpire should have stopped the game because of the bugs    goodness what will they think of next ....in the meantime at Fenway Park, my man Manny Ramirez hits a 3run home run in the bottom of the 9th to win the ballgame   go RED SOX!!!!   the Yankees are ok, but my Bosox are better this year   someone's got to beat those damn Yankees!

in the meantime, back in Hawaii is my son   he's done with his tour in Iraq   i'm sooo happy and relieved    he'll be coming home on leave probably by the end of the month for a few weeks    it'll be great to see him    i've really gotten attached to this kid i inherited   gotta love him!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bad Ass Girls...

Bad Ass Girls Drive Bad Ass Toys...and so the sign says    last week while walking thru Wallymart's parking lot i saw this sign on a Jeep   i went over there to see if anyone was in the car   sure enough the woman who owned it was sitting there    i told her i had to have this sign and where did she get it   Allthingsjeep.com    so i order it monday and it arrived today    awesome sign!   it is now displayed on my Jeep   the larger one on the windshield, the smaller on the rear window    and as soon as i can, i'm haulin' ass off to Colorado for some 4wheelin'    haven't been in awhile and i'm anxious to take this Jeep off for a road trip in the mountains    if not soon, i'll be on the passages first thing in the spring   by then i'll have my rack back on top of her   i knocked it off this summer forgetting it was up there and trying to park in a garage downtown.....in the meantime, life is good    next week i start volunteering at church again   i'm still in Roots class at church    i've also become co-coordinator of our Hiking Club   we'll be going on hikes once a month    I'm also ushering our UNM football games   so far so good   i'm just hanging out and reading too    not a lot of new stuff going on    however, my son is on his way back from Iraq finally   his tour is over    sometime tonite or in the mornin' he'll be back in Hawaii   then at the end of the month he'll come home for a few weeks    we may take off to Dallas, TX area to see my niece and her family   maybe we'll get some 4wheelin' in while he's here    for now, it's baseball playoffs and football sundays    such a joy to be retired from the p.o.!!!