Thursday, April 26, 2007


well i ain't movin', but our church just did today    we've been preparing for months, but especially the last 2months for this move    finished packing this week and the movers came today   i've been there all week and workin' too   but' it's all good   today i got sunburned on my face   i was assigned the task of standing outside directing the movers   initially i was to be inside directing movers to rooms   anyways, i didn't have a hat today as i always wear when i know i'm going to be outside    i didn't see how red i got until i went to the women's room tonite at work    lobster red   matches my shirt   i happened to wear a red/white striped shirt today    anyways, i worked all day at the church then went straight to the job   boy i'm tired    it still isn't as wearing as the p.o. was   but we had fun at the church today   the move went smoothly    now tomorrow we start the unpacking   of course dummy me asked the question "do you need me tomorrow"   goodness   so i'll be back there manana   then off to work again   i'm taking saturday off if i can   i'll do more unpacking next week....the weather is finally warming up and staying there   it was a beautiful day to move   perfect!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


so yesterday i ride my bike to Madrid   it's a back road there, scenic by-way    i got there in no time   had brunch and shopped for 1 1/2 hrs    then in lieu of coming back the way i came, i decide to head up to the edge of Santa Fe and take I-25    i wanted to knock off some fear of that stretch of freeway to albuquerque while riding my bike    well i'm doing pretty good, but half way down the interstate a woman runs me off the road, literally    she loyally @#$% pissed me off     she had just passed me in the left lane   i was going the speed limit in the right lane...didn't i mention this stretch of the interstate is like Indy 500....anyways, her lane got jammed and slowed them down    i'm just steadily riding my bike coming up on her right side    well being inpatient and not looking over in her blind spot, she decides to zip into my lane    i was in her back seat and i laid on the horn    she kept coming and all i could do was go off the road    fortunately there was plenty of pavement off road    it took her awhile but she realized what she did and finally got back in the other lane, allowing me to get back on the road    i was infuriated    i wanted to curse her out   damn Bitch!!!   i got rattled and it took me the rest of the day to relax from the incident    what pissed me off was that she had just passed me and she was doing an Indy 500    on this road i'll be doing the speed limit of 75, sometimes 80 and they still pass me like i'm standing still    God i hate that stretch of interstate!!!    well i'm not afraid of the interstate anymore, but i'll be damn if i'll be on that stretch anymore with my bike    !@#$%^ people!!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

 Happy Spring!

here's to a new life, a rebirth of our souls   a new beginning of peace, hope and joy....

hope your Easter was grand    it took all day to find a symbol i liked for the holiday   my blessings to the Christian world and what the Easter means to you    my blessings to the rest of the world who believe differently but are on our way anyways    the past 4days have been under weather   severely under the weather for me   caught a bug, maybe 2, wednesday evening    slept for 2days with no food   finally nibbled a bit yesterday and had a meal today    i feel better today than all the days    i even got out of the house for about an hour    other than that, i've been sleepin' or just starin' at the tv    i'm almost ready for a new day, a new dawn to be out & about in the world   hopefully tomorrow   but even illness is a gift   i felt a resurge in my faith this weekend   i even watched half of The Ten Commandments movie recognizing how far i've evolved from that way of thinking     there is still good messages within the Bible and Christianity, but there's far more to know   anyways, all is good    sometimes when i feel sick i swear my mind is being purged as well   a cleansing of sorts in order to get back to the true Spirit within each of us   Life is such a gift and i sometimes forget while being indulged in the mundane things of life   usually my illness will remind me of Life's value, but i also find it in others, thru your journals and friendships   goodness,   that is all God is...which is everyone and everything!

Monday, April 2, 2007

such a kind gesture...

this morn i went to breakfast at the Range Cafe    decided to sit at the bar in lieu of waiting for a table   it was just me wantin' sum biscuits & gravy   so i sit   then a couple minutes later a man comes sits next to me   well the waitress didn't see us arrive separately but as she was taking our orders, he told her separate tickets please   so we ate, chatted & had our coffee    she brings the ticket   sure enough she put the tickets together on one    goodness...  well the man insisted on paying it anyways   i asked him several times if he was sure   Yep sure enough   such a kind gesture is such a treacherous world we have at times....a wonderful act of kindness!