Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sugar Plum again!!!

here she is again!   Lil Miss Madison whom i got my first kiss from yesterday    spent a little time with her today helping her grammy watch out for her today    wanted to take a few pics with her now growing hair   we spent maybe an hour together before she was off for her nap    she's laying on her grammy's trunks that she has out for coffee tables   well i turned my back and grammy wasn't fast enough, Sugar Plum rolled right off the trunk, head first   she's been playing a lot on these trunks, nothing new   it's just she was plain tuckered out and was really ready for her nap when she hit her head   otherwise we were off to walk down the street to a couple yard sales   not today    i left before she woke again   i hung around waiting on mommy to return from work while Sugar Plum and grammy took naps   then i was off to do my errands and home for my nap   anyways, Madison sure is a sweetie pie   she's hardly ever fussy  usually walkin' & playin' with a smile on her face all the time   simple JOY....

Friday, June 27, 2008

my first kiss!!!

got my first kiss today from Lil Miss Madison   i've known her now for about a year and it's taken that long for her to finally give me a kiss   just had to make a record of this in my journal   it made my week   it's been a rough one for me and a few friends   all of us being fired, or actually almost fired, from the job   sumthing must be in the air   let's hope for better news manana   haven't heard from the new job yet, but hopefully he'll call me tomorrow and i'm hired   i'll keep you posted....have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

just a few

well, guess classic is the show of the day 4 photo display  o well, til i can change it laterz....anyways, finally got that bike ride in today out toward the Jemez mountains   it was gloomy out there   one of the photos shows how drab it was   other photos i did get sum good lighting momentarily    anyways, since it was drab, i just shot a few photos   only a handful i think   the flower i shot the other day in my neighbors front "yard"    i was ready to play today   not only out 4 a good ride, but sum sunshine and photos   with the sun shining, the white in the mountains wood have glowed   i'll just have to go another time   it was a good ride though  i decided to go into the town of Jemez Springs   quaint place  rustic and in the midst of those beautiful mountains like the ones in these photos   more reds, green, white with a beautiful blue sky in the background   i stopped a Mi Tienda   a little gift shop with drinks   bought me a couple books and a long sleeve t-shirt   a wildlife t    has geckos on it   should have got a large tho   thought for sure the medium wood work since i put it over 2shirts i was wearing....yeah i wear 2 shirts during the summer   one to absorb the sweat i drench in this heat, the other to keep me dry & warm when needed....anyways, sat at the gift shop til the bugs buzzed me out of there  which wasn't long  pesty things  can't get peace & quiet while they're around   anyways, stopped for gas and came home  once i reached hwy 528, Rio Rancho, the wind was GUSTY!!!   it was all i could do to keep the bike on its two wheels   once i headed east thru town i was ok because the wind was blowin' on my back   but made it home safely   it was a good ride  just what i needed  need to do more of them or at least get back to my hikin'    it's been too damn hot for either really, but i'll endure it just 4 my rejuvenation of Spirit...

in the meantime, i may have a new job within a couple days   my boss at the mall is ready to let me go   she says my sales are low, which is bull   she just has it in her head that she wants high sales every day, every shift   she's new at her business and one day i hope she learns that business doesn't flow high every day, every shift   her resolution to solve the "problem" is to keep firing employees and hiring new ones   i guess til she finds someone that will sale everyday as she pleases   go figure    ....anyways, i applied for a new job today at a local Circle K, convenience store   and he's willing to work me just the few hours i need   2-8hr shifts per week, or 2-10hr shifts per week if i want more hours   so now i anxiously wait for his call within 48hrs or less   i've worked convenience store before   not crazy about selling liquor, but i can handle it   plus this store is close to home   i won't be commuting clear across town for the job   keep your fingers crossed for me   i'll let you know as soon as i do   where there's a will, there's a way!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

a little stumbling

so, tonite i made sum note cards out of sum photographs i took   they came from all those that i posted here in my aol journal   i also bought one plastic sleeve to see if i want to put those notecards into them   yep i do and will buy sum more tomorrow   definitely gives them a more professional look   anyways, i got back online tonite to check out a couple websites to make sure i wasn't going to sell sum photos that was forbidden   i checked out Tent Rocks and Bosque del Apache to see if there were any rules against selling photos from there   i know here in NM there are places that are forbidden to shoot photos or sell them  i think most of that are on the reservations   but i knew Tent Rocks was run by Native Americans, so i had to check   so far there's nothing written anywhere that says i can't sell photos from Tent Rocks anyways, where i was headed, while looking at these websites i found another photographers, New Mexican, website who does workshops and just published a book of sum of his photos   well i looked at his photos on the website   sum good photographs, but what they told me was that yes my photos are good too in comparison   his photos are photos that i could do   i was checking the light on these photographs   nothing special about them    i have a thing about light when it comes to my photography   must have been sumthing i picked up in one of my photography classes 20yrs or so ago   so when shooting photos, i try to observe the light and how it plays   sometimes it just isn't that important, but other times, light can be too bright   anyways, it was a good lesson for me to see his photography   i love sum of what he's taken   it's outdoor photography and maybe once i get my 500m telephoto or zoom lens, then i'll take one of his workshops   it got me pumped up   but then again, just putting my note cards together pumped me up   with that in mind, i may definitely take my bike ride on sunday to shoot sum photos around Jemez, more like San Ysidro   there's sum BEAUTIFUL scenery in that area that i keep forgetting i want to take pics of    that wood be a great adventure   unless sumthing happens between now and sunday, i'm off in the morn to take those photographs    keep on the look out for sum more of my photography sunday evening   Goodness, it just seems recently that i'm realizing that my photographs are pretty good, but that's many THANKS to my friends, the church hike group, and most of all my friends here at aol j-land    thanks everyone for your support and appreciation   it means a lot!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


yep, 102 degrees out   so said the sign while i was out doin' errands   mostly i've been inside on this tortureous day   this heat has been here for almost a week   another week of it lies ahead with only maybe a few degrees drop in temperature the next few days   i've been itchin' for a nice long bike ride, but it's too hot to even be on the bike    i can hang on the backroads of the city without my leather jacket  but if i even think about getting on the interstate, i don the leather jacket and immediately weat til there's no end or the jacket comes off   it's blistering, but then again i remember i'm not in Phoenix......the above photos are black & white   your eyes do not deceive you   i got the film camera out and shot a couple rolls   of course when i went to get them developed at a new place, for the other shop closed, it cost me an arm to develop and put on cd   but alas, i did manage to get a few good photos out of the rolls   i learned long time ago in a photo class that if you can get at least 1 photo out of one roll, you're doing good   i got at least one good photo with a few decent others   i think i've gotten better over the years shootin' photographs   but this $40 adventure will teach me to save the black & white for special projects until i get into school and can develop my own film and prints   that's still going to be awhile i think for i have other art classes required before really getting into my photography at UNM   i'll attend CNM this fall to start those required courses for the degree   they don't have photo classes there, but it'll save lots of money in the long run   in the meantime, i'll keep taking my photos and learning more about my cameras   that'll be a lot of fun even without classes   i have yet to shoot either camera manually   just letting the auto or preset shot take care of it....anyways, these photos above are on a trail i took our hike group   sum of those people are pictured   i am also included only to show you that i'm growing my hair long   it's not the best shot of me, but you get to see the length of my hair at the moment   in another few months, i'll have someone do a front shot and without my baseball cap   all but the winter months, i'm constantly wearing a hat for mostly i don't wear sunglasses   haven't for years, even while i delivered mail, just wore my baseball cap   anyways, hope you enjoy these the meantime, it's been 2 weeks and the birdfeeder is still up!!!!   Yay!!!     if the birdfeeder is still here by september, i'll put a bird bath out too   i heard the birds like to bath a lot....well that's about all the news for now   i'm currently reading The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Trilogy   i'm half way thru them all   i had yet to read all of them, this time i will complete them   i just absolutely LOVE the LOTR!!!!....

Monday, June 2, 2008


POSTED!!!!    a new bird feeder    this time i bought a birdhouse type feeder and put it on a post   it's nailed with wood screws to the post   then the post is cemented into the ground   they'll have to chop this one down, literally to move it...let's see what happens next!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


they stole it again!   and they took the plate this time too!   i'm furious    i bought another feeder and hung it   sometime between 4:30pm and 7pm tonite, someone stole the feeders again   obviously someone doesn't like birds   so after steaming a bit, and i still am, i just went and thru the feed on the ground!!!   if i ever find out who's doing it i just may punch them in the face!!!   sure feel like it right now....

ok after stewing for awhile longer, i threw more feed on the ground....then i put out another plate   it only cost a dollar anyways!