Sunday, May 18, 2008

more flowers...& a full moon

great news!!!   it's 11pm and my new neighbors directly across the lawn from me rang the not the neighbor immediately next door....anyways i had turned the water on for the flowers out front and totally forgot about it   she, Lynette and her daughter Maddi, rang the bell to let me know   they also let me know that they really appreciated the birds out front and the bird feeder   i told her the feeder was stolen, but within a few days i'll be getting another one   anyways, they're loving the birds out front   nice to know someone else is enjoying them!!!....

now onto the photos    these photos i took today on my hike except the full moon and the plate with the birds=my current bird feeder   anyways the full moon shots are my first   i just wanted to try capturing the full moon   i do have a unipod, but no tripod   one of the photos i just hand held the camera and the moon's shape is "doubled" a bit   well it was a good learning experience just with 3shots   definitely will have a tripod by the next full moon   my backpacking trip with George to the Grand Canyon we hope will be during the full moon   so i want to get sum practice in with my camera and the moon    i'm excited!   Life is Good!!!!

what a way to end my day!   g'nite all....

Million Dollar Baby

finally saw this movie tonite   i had heard she died in the movie, but i didn't know how til tonite   awesome movie, beautiful ending   i know the way of her "death" is an issue at large, but i decided long time ago if i was in her position, to let someone unplug me   i've got a letter on file at the VA for just that purpose   as i KNOW it, death is only of the body    we have never died, and never will!!!   we are not our body, but the entity behind the body   we live forever, always have, always will!!!!....o yes, the movie assisted me in clearing up sum guilt   NO MORE GUILT 4 ME!!!!   as i've been learning, i have never done anything wrong   there is  no right or wrong in a grander understanding of God, there only IS!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

the birds!

so, as you all know, my bird feeder was stolen   since then i've been putting out a regular ol' plate full of seed   it's been working just as well while i debate which kind of feeder to get next   so since putting it out i've seen several different type of birds   house finches, yellow & red, house sparrows, chipping sparrow, a junco, mourning and white-winged doves   tonite i came home and filled up the plate since it had rained today   the doves totally swarmed it   since i changed the blend, i get more of those doves   normally i get 3-4doves   this evening i had over a dozen doves around & on the plate   a picture in itself but not possible thru this screen door   anyways, so i've decided to keep the plate and buy a bird house type feeder for the smaller birds and a different blend of feed   really makes a difference  i love them all   such simple JOY for my day    and tonite when i came home from work, i saw my first mountain chickadee   but first thing this morn i saw a mountain scrub jay   pretty blue bird sitting above my jeep in the parking lot   not even anywheres near the bird feeder   i did sit out another type feed to attract other type birds like the grosbeak   if i get a chance to take photos i will and post them   but no such luck today   doesn't really matter, i have them stored in my memory...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

had to post this...hilarious!

Pit Bull mod adds underhood snarl to F-150
Pit Bull in engineDogs are common sights in the cabs of pickup trucks. Sometimes you'll see one riding back in the bed. But underhood? Not so common, but that's exactly what Walter Witthoef found in the engine bay of his F-150. There, head poking up behind the motor, was a growling but otherwise healthy pit bull. Somehow, the dog wound up stuck inside the engine compartment, where it whiled away the time by using the fuel lines, distributor wires, some hoses, and pretty much everything else within reach as chew toys. After her discovery, Animal Services arrived on scene and freed the pooch, who was reunited with her people the next day. Hopefully they'll be willing to pick up the $1,000 tab for the additional damage she allegedly caused to Mr. Witthoef's ride. Bad dog! No biscuits! Thanks for the tip, Ben.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

sulphur canyon trail

ok, so here are sum of the photos i took on my hike today....still stupefied about the bird feeder...anyways i think you can click on a photo and enlarge it    there are sum butterflies in here, but not always obvious   one in particular is in the middle of the photo and the colors think it might be a leaf or flower..two of my favorite photos here is the glove on the tree stump, and the tree with a knot in it, making it look like the one-eyed bandit...hope you enjoy the photos!!!

don't get this one

ok, i don't get this one    i went on a hike in the Sandia Mtns today  it was beautiful and i have sum photos to share laterz..but right now i'm stupefied or sumthing   i came home and my bird feeder, ya know the one in the photo that i just put out a couple days ago, IT'S GONE!!!!   hook, line and sinker is gone   the hook i bought big enough to wrap around the branch of the tree is gone too   it's totally gone and i can't believe it   i just don't get why someone wood steel a bird feeder   i asked the new neighbor if they took    i asked my landlord if they were out today and took   so who in God's name took it, and WHY?   now i only have two answers to the question   either they couldn't stand the birds chirpin' in the mornin (or all day) around it, or they wanted it for themselves...well all this means is i'm off monday to buy another one  one that i'll nail to a post which i had planned on buying anyways   good thing this one was a cheap one   now i know!

Friday, May 9, 2008

the bird feeder

                                                                                                                                             so, a couple days ago i finally put a bird feeder out in front of my apartment   initially i couldn't tell if the birds actually found the feeder, but as i exited the door there were birds all over it   today i came home this afternoon and the feeder was totally empty after being just under half full this morn   so, now i need to get another feeder   all in due time   i've got mourning doves, white-winged doves, sparrows, and house finches all over it and the ground (i throw sum feed on the ground)   this evening i was able to capture a photo of two finches in the bird feeder from my window   it isn't perfectly clear for they're swaying on the feeder, but i like the shot...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

4 yrs October

so, i was going thru my archives here in my aol journal   when i went back i found one the initial entry   i didn't realize it's been almost 4 years since i began this journal   this October will be 4 years   goodness, it seems like only yesterday   ..i also know my counter on this journal is off   i didn't ever reset the original number when aol reset it   it isn't important to me   I am grateful for those who come to visit and have become my friends thru  my journals   i thank you all and bless you for your presence here...have a great one  i send you love and hugz!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

i missed the bear!

more Bandelier Nat'l Park    i took our hike group up there today  it was a really nice day  was a little cool when we first arrived, but it warmed a little     some of these photos are new angles for me   i took photos from inside the caves this time   i saw a couple new shots i didn't see the last few times i was there   i also captured a yellow/black bird, which i think is a finch   the birds were right there at the picnic table, well hanging on the tree immediately beside it   there were a couple bears up there of which i didn't get to see, but a few from the group saw one of them  they said it got scared and ran off so i wouldn't have captured it on film anyways   they saw the bear while i climbed the stairs to a kiva   i like these photos, but i see i need to still work with the "light" more   i think i have a different filter that may work   will look for it and try it out    photos are about light, but i'm pleased with these photos   enjoy!

Friday, May 2, 2008

good mornin' sunrise

good mornin'    as requested by Anne, i took photos of my sunrise this morn    3 shots as she's coming up over the mountain, just outside of my apartment    soon i'll go to nature and begin watching there   will take photos then too   Enjoy!