Monday, October 8, 2007

Da Bears!

well i'll be damned    after a poor start of the season, my Bears beat the Packers last nite in SNF   i watched the whole game this time   it was a struggle at first, but once Urlacher intercepted the ball, things started turning around for us   then the final drive and TD pass of the game, it couldn't have been a better ending   GO BEARS!    in the meantime, back in baseball my Red Sox swept the series   now it's just waiting to see if we play the Yankees or Indians   i'm hoping it's the Indians   either way, it'll be a good the meantime, back here at my apartment, the heat is on    it's been chilly in here the past few days, but this morn i finally had to turn the heat on   i had a sweatshirt on and it still was cold   43degrees outside and probably close to it in here   i caught a cold on thurs last and don't need to prolong it   i also got the mink blanket out last nite which kept me plenty warm (note:   i did NOT buy this mink blanket   a former lover from over a decade ago bought it in Korea while she was there   nice blanket but i don't believe in furry clothes or blankets)    anyways, it's still nice during the day here, 70degree whether but it's cold at nite here next to the mountain   but it's nice to have the fall here with winter on the way   winter a great time to hibernate and read books and watch football   i love cooler weather than our summer heat, but i think i've become cold blooded   o well, i'll still take winter over the heat anytime   well that's my story for now    have a good one!


ksquester said...

I am glad it is cool whee you are.  Our extreme heat finally broke last night. Hey, did you see any of the ballons this weekend.  Wasn't it the balloon festivale?  Anne

sunnyside46 said...

I wish I like watching sports but I never can get into it. Tom says he doesnt' know why I don't since  I like to drink beer & holler!

jmorancoyle said...

    Okay, here in Chicago we figure that the football season is over until the next Packer game. If the Bears don't beat anyone, they better beat the Packers. We've got the heat on, too. As much as I don't like the idea of fur clothing, if I had a blanket like lying around, I'd use it too. Stay warm.