Thursday, January 27, 2005

a day late

my house is calling for me to clean it.....but Dr. Martin Luther Kings autobiography speaks louder so the book wins for a little while at least right after i finish this entry...................yesterday was not a bad day, not a great day it was a day  the most important event was my therapist calling me  i left her office monday with a misunderstanding which upset me  anyways she said she might have been having a bad day and we talked it out  later i called her back leaving a message on her voice mail letting her know she can have as many bad days as she needs    she is just as human as the rest of us    i need to remind myself that others have bad days too     she's a great therapist and this is the first time in the 6yrs of seeing her that i've misunderstood her i'm chillin     my cold is still giving me hell  will resupply my vitamin C this weekend     but for right now, i'm ready for more intellectual feeding    so off to my book i go while curled up with my day soon i hope to figure out how to personalize this journal a bit    will get my online buddy Gina to assist me...........til then    have a good one!

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delela1 said...

Oh boy, don't we all have bad days!!!  Glad you worked things out with your therapist.  I wouldn't want mine upset with me!