Monday, January 24, 2005

miserably blue

i had a really bad week last week with my blues YUK! my boss thought it was bad enough to call the medics and the cops to check on me when i didn't show up for work ya see it's the dagnabit chemical imbalance in my brain that causes my blues nothing else and i hate it tired of these blues i think the wind should come along and take me blues to the desert and play in the sand with it or some mountain atop the trees people don't need be blue most of their life in spite of medication   in the meantime, i'm looking for that parking lot that has brains for trade    ya know like cars, just go in and trade for a new one     i'd sure would like a new brain    keep my memory, my intelligience, my humor, my personality all in tack, just get rid of the chemical imbalance    .....last night i didn't sleep worth a darn   i was awake every two hours   i was sooo anxious inside, also created by that imbalance    thought about getting up and smokin a cig but really didn't want to do so    i was a non-smoker before all of this crap    i only smoke when i'm anxious like this    if it wasn't for the depression and anxiety, i'd be a happy camper all of the time      and when i'm not having these feelings,  i am very happy, mellow, content     life is full of optimism     well today i am optimistic even tho i'm still feeling a bit blue      it's been a hell of a week but i'm fine     got out of the woods yesterday when i went to church     it took the whole service , but my spirit was lifted tremendously     for now, it's hurry up 3pm   i see my therapist my rock for the past 6yrs     she can finish piecing me back together .........i've had some good life come my way recently, but will post that in another journal entry soon        until then I"M FINE.       Life goes on    i have people and places to see , things to do   much to live for             ........take care all

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