Thursday, May 24, 2007

retirement party

went to Helen's retirement party this morn at the p.o.    it was great to see everyone even a couple other retirees who showed up    it's the same ol' place same ol' story but everyone looked great    got to chat with a few of them to catch up with their lives and their children    found out Danny has been on leave since he returned last year from Iraq    my guess is he's having PTSD   i'll have to call him soon   he's the one that served on the front lines in the beginning of the war and still did similar duties when they sent him back a couple more times    i'll keep him in my prayers    Sharon is doing good although she had minor heart surgery, if there's such a thing as minor when it comes to the heart   anyways, i could list everyone, but that'd take awhile    it was a surprise party for Helen and she definitely was    she kept saying she couldn't believe it    Rhonda did a great job on the decorations   frogs everywhere which apparently Helen loves     i miss the people there, but i don't miss the p.o.    it's nice not to be in the grind of things and not having someone on my case daily as Cory mentioned today   of course that was one particular individual who no longer is in management i gather   thank goodness    Life is sooo much better not being there    i enjoyed the job, but there's just too much bulls**t!!!!    i'll have to keep in touch with them more often  than i have this past year    it's just been nice to stay away    .....and that my friends was my mornin'!

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sunnyside46 said...

I love your stories about retirement. I will only close school 5 more times before I am there too!