Friday, June 15, 2007

He's Home!!!

what a day!    well my mother arrived at 9:30am and my son followed suit at 10:30am    he looks really good   a little beefed up from his from scrawny self    he had told me he was workin' out over there   but he says a lot without actually doing it    maybe he's changing    i can definitely tell some maturity in him  a significant increase   he has a girlfriend and showed us her pic    she's a pretty lady   i actually talked to her momentarily twice to let her know where Kyle was en route here    anyways, we got to my place and while my mother was in the bathroom, he pulled me aside and gave me a special hug   i returned it as well    then did it again in the mall    yep he's my son   it still surprises me since i didn't give birth to him   but that's all ok    he wanted to do everything today   go shoppin, go to the movies, have pizza, find a buddy of his plus we had to go grocery shopping since i didn't get it done before he arrived    we did everything but the movie   right now it's 8:30pm and he and my mom are in bed    i'll soon follow    he said he's going out about 10pm tonite  (frankly, i hope he sleeps thru it)    anyways, i'll be taking some pics and posted them asap    i'm just soooo happy he's home for awhile    tomorrow nite we're headin to a baseball game (i think)   much is subject to change until he settles down a bit    he wants him and i to get another identical tattoos    we'll see    we already have like tattoos, so i don't know what he has in mind    anyways, it's great to have him here safe and sound for a little while    i'll talk to him more about Iraq after my mother leaves on wednesday   i don't want her to be worrying anymore than she has to    i do enough for both of us anyways    God i'm elated!!!!


ksquester said...

I am so very happy for you.  Enjoy this time.  Anne

lacaza3 said...

hey girl I'm glad to see things are going well in retirement glad kyle got home in one piece.
Donna In TEXAS

jmorancoyle said...

    Welcome home, K.! That is one worry off your back. For a while anyway. Enjoy your time together.

lacaza3 said...

glad you got to see oldest son best childhood friend came back from iraq a few months for R&R it is his 2 tour..this tour has effected him alot more
Donna In TEXAS