Monday, June 18, 2007

take me out 2 da ballgame...twice!

well we made it to the 'Topes ballgame again tonite and we made it to the 8th inning this time....let me back up.....saturday we went to the game and only made it to thru the 2d inning    it was a long hot day    we had gone to the flea market, then home where i took a nap   before the game on saturday, Kyle bought us all a baseball jersey then it was off to Hooters (my first time at Hooters) for chicken wings and a beer has two drinks of beer   kyle and i had a beer a piece    we get to the game and kyle buys him and i another beer    i drank half of my beer and i got sleepy    kyle since his arrival was asleep by 8pm, along with my mother   well 1st inning was over by 8pm, kyle went to the car and told us to enjoy the game    mom pops up at the end of the 2d inning saying she's tired, the two sips of beer made her sleepy    and i was feeling the 2d beer    goodness we were a bunch of tonite, i had only 1 beer before the game and the others had none    so we were able to get thru almost the entire game    kyle and his buddy Gerard were out chasing girls while mom & i watched most the game    we got tired of sitting on our rumps and we were winning so it was time to go    but we had fun    kyle and his buddy started being loud right off the bat and so the people in front of us moved    not too long after that, and more people around us getting loud, the people behind us moved    we were just having fun and Kyle needs to let off that steam from Iraq   i won't go into the details because i don't know them, but i've gotten the impression being over there was getting to him   so anyways, the party poopers moved and we had a blast    it was an exciting game right from the start with a 3run homer in the first    i had to go search for the guys when we were ready to leave, and sure enough they were hangiing out with some girls    who knows what they're doing now, for they dropped us home and left again    as long as he's safe driving, i'm fine    remember he is a good kid who's grown up some more since joining the Army   it's very evident.....i love that kid and am very proud of him!


ksquester said...

Now I am singing: Take Me out to the my head. Glad a good time was had by all. Nothing like a good ballgame.  Enjoy your time together. Anne

jmorancoyle said...

    It is not possible for me to go to a ballgame without getting loud. If you can't scream your heart out there, you can't do it anywhere. Glad you're having so much fun.

sunnyside46 said...

well its not like you are at the opera, you're supposed to yell at a ballgame!

fitzzer said...

I'm so glad Kyle is home, safe and having FUN!! Isn't that what baseball games are supposed to be about? Glad you guys didn't let the party poopers get you down. Hugs, ~ L

PS. Great pictures!!