Tuesday, September 4, 2007


almost went to the Art College that would have cost me $80k plus interest    i was ready   wanted to go sooo badly   but the closer it got to going, the more i worried about the money    so, i didn't    i would havve been in school today if i had decided to go there   since then i got a good recommendation on UNM    so there i was today at an advisor's office getting the scoop on classes i need   so i'm applying for the Spring '08 term   if i get in, i'm taking a history course i need   basic requirement   if i pass, i'll pursue the degree   if not, i'll just take photography courses    but i'm having faith   belief in myself that all will go well   one class at a time   one step at a time    i'll keep you posted once january rolls around .....in the meantime, i'm waiting on my bike from the shop again    it's little stuff that keeps needing to be done    i'll be happy once i can buy a new one which i hope is this time next year or the following spring at the latest    Life is still good, a bowl of strawberries!


jmorancoyle said...

    All the luck in the world to you. I am praying and hoping that this works for you and that everything will be good. Good luck with the bike, too. Get a few mountain miles in before it's too ickey.

stupidsheetguy said...

Good luck to you! Remember, your dreams are all up to you. Fulfill them the best way you can.


sunnyside46 said...

and you are getting all the goody out of it!