Tuesday, August 21, 2007


just a short entry    i want to make a short comment on Vick, the dog fighter    now 18months seems to be a short time for his involvement  in the dog fighting    i've been outraged ever since the story broke   i was just reading the probable fate of the remaining 53dogs that were seized from his property   yep they'll probably be euthanized   i'm outraged for these dogs and the ones that lost their lives  my heart cries for them  just the whole scheme of things   what wonderful dogs pits can be only for those like Vick who use them for dog fighting    it's not good in any way for the pit bulls   the euthanism hurts but that's probably the best for these particular dogs   i can't imagine how they could be good pets at this point, but God only knows    18months is too short of prison time for Vick    let's hope he gets the maximum    the cruelty of some people is too  much.....


ksquester said...

Oh I hope he gets lots more time and I hope his career is ruined.   Anne

delela1 said...

This whole thing is just sickening and has only served to further faint the reputation of the pit bull breed. The German Shepherd, Doberman, and other breeds have suffered over the years from bad people and the press that inevitably follows. It always goes back to the environment the dog lives in and sadly that is why the dogs seized from Vick's property are doomed. Sadly no amount of love can repair, mend or heal the damage inflicted.

But for every dog victimized by humans, there are at least a thousand living in a healthy, happy home. Just my guess anyway.


lacaza3 said...

unforuntaley he will probably get away with it...Pisses me off
donna In TEXAS

jmorancoyle said...

    I say they treat him as badly as he treated those dogs. Makes me sick, too.