Tuesday, June 17, 2008


yep, 102 degrees out   so said the sign while i was out doin' errands   mostly i've been inside on this tortureous day   this heat has been here for almost a week   another week of it lies ahead with only maybe a few degrees drop in temperature the next few days   i've been itchin' for a nice long bike ride, but it's too hot to even be on the bike    i can hang on the backroads of the city without my leather jacket  but if i even think about getting on the interstate, i don the leather jacket and immediately weat til there's no end or the jacket comes off   it's blistering, but then again i remember i'm not in Phoenix......the above photos are black & white   your eyes do not deceive you   i got the film camera out and shot a couple rolls   of course when i went to get them developed at a new place, for the other shop closed, it cost me an arm to develop and put on cd   but alas, i did manage to get a few good photos out of the rolls   i learned long time ago in a photo class that if you can get at least 1 photo out of one roll, you're doing good   i got at least one good photo with a few decent others   i think i've gotten better over the years shootin' photographs   but this $40 adventure will teach me to save the black & white for special projects until i get into school and can develop my own film and prints   that's still going to be awhile i think for i have other art classes required before really getting into my photography at UNM   i'll attend CNM this fall to start those required courses for the degree   they don't have photo classes there, but it'll save lots of money in the long run   in the meantime, i'll keep taking my photos and learning more about my cameras   that'll be a lot of fun even without classes   i have yet to shoot either camera manually   just letting the auto or preset shot take care of it....anyways, these photos above are on a trail i took our hike group   sum of those people are pictured   i am also included only to show you that i'm growing my hair long   it's not the best shot of me, but you get to see the length of my hair at the moment   in another few months, i'll have someone do a front shot and without my baseball cap   all but the winter months, i'm constantly wearing a hat for mostly i don't wear sunglasses   haven't for years, even while i delivered mail, just wore my baseball cap   anyways, hope you enjoy these photos....in the meantime, it's been 2 weeks and the birdfeeder is still up!!!!   Yay!!!     if the birdfeeder is still here by september, i'll put a bird bath out too   i heard the birds like to bath a lot....well that's about all the news for now   i'm currently reading The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Trilogy   i'm half way thru them all   i had yet to read all of them, this time i will complete them   i just absolutely LOVE the LOTR!!!!....


pchilcoat1 said...

Great Shots, p.s here in Iowa, we could use some of the heat to bring down the rivers, I'll take it off your hands for a bit LOL




jmorancoyle said...

    I find it amazing how easily you've picked up textures with black and white. Nice work.