Friday, June 20, 2008

a little stumbling

so, tonite i made sum note cards out of sum photographs i took   they came from all those that i posted here in my aol journal   i also bought one plastic sleeve to see if i want to put those notecards into them   yep i do and will buy sum more tomorrow   definitely gives them a more professional look   anyways, i got back online tonite to check out a couple websites to make sure i wasn't going to sell sum photos that was forbidden   i checked out Tent Rocks and Bosque del Apache to see if there were any rules against selling photos from there   i know here in NM there are places that are forbidden to shoot photos or sell them  i think most of that are on the reservations   but i knew Tent Rocks was run by Native Americans, so i had to check   so far there's nothing written anywhere that says i can't sell photos from Tent Rocks anyways, where i was headed, while looking at these websites i found another photographers, New Mexican, website who does workshops and just published a book of sum of his photos   well i looked at his photos on the website   sum good photographs, but what they told me was that yes my photos are good too in comparison   his photos are photos that i could do   i was checking the light on these photographs   nothing special about them    i have a thing about light when it comes to my photography   must have been sumthing i picked up in one of my photography classes 20yrs or so ago   so when shooting photos, i try to observe the light and how it plays   sometimes it just isn't that important, but other times, light can be too bright   anyways, it was a good lesson for me to see his photography   i love sum of what he's taken   it's outdoor photography and maybe once i get my 500m telephoto or zoom lens, then i'll take one of his workshops   it got me pumped up   but then again, just putting my note cards together pumped me up   with that in mind, i may definitely take my bike ride on sunday to shoot sum photos around Jemez, more like San Ysidro   there's sum BEAUTIFUL scenery in that area that i keep forgetting i want to take pics of    that wood be a great adventure   unless sumthing happens between now and sunday, i'm off in the morn to take those photographs    keep on the look out for sum more of my photography sunday evening   Goodness, it just seems recently that i'm realizing that my photographs are pretty good, but that's many THANKS to my friends, the church hike group, and most of all my friends here at aol j-land    thanks everyone for your support and appreciation   it means a lot!!!


rdautumnsage said...

I think anyone can accomplish whatever they set their mind to do. Sounds like you already know what works for you with photography. Although I can attest to the fact sometimes it's just nice to get some feedback on something you've done. (Hugs)Indigo

stupidsheetguy said...

I wanted to come by and say hello. I always enjoy your photos because you have a great eye for framing the landscapes in your area. Terrific that you're able to create some products from your work - good for you.

Good luck with the projects :)