Wednesday, October 1, 2008

last nite!

tonite was the last nite   the last nite at the store   i sit here chillin with a beer in hand   the nite went pretty fast until about 8pm or just before   then it died to nothing and no one coming in the store   i didn't do much except run the register   i let the other woman do most of the duties for once   besides payback can be a bitch   she didn't do anything but run the register the last time we worked together   anyways, it's OVER!!!  YEAH!!!  i'll wash the smocks and return them  didn't get a chance to say goodbye to the boss either, so will do that too   i was in a grumpy mood before i got there  just didn't want to deal with more bs tonite  i had finally had enough of now onto better things  and hopefully i wont ever have to return to another convenience store again!!!

now, back to this journal   not happy about the move, but it's better than no place at all after they close down these journals   the new blog isn't the same, but at least i have a new blog   tonite i've been playin with Photobucket in hopes to make a slide show on my new blog   will see in a bit here   i like the new look of the new blog, but haven't been able to do as much..yet.. on the new blog as here   still gotta figure out adding photos other than as they have it   Robin figured it out, i'll figure it out   she's managed to post more than one photo at a time and have the words wrap around the pics  nice display  i want to figure that out too   we don't have the display options as we do here in aol journal, where we can post as many photos as we want and have them showing via Ken Burns, photo pile, collage, etc.   i'll  miss that option for sure   but maybe if i get the slide show down on the new blog, that may be of help too....anyways, change is good whether we like it or not....well for now, i only have a few more entries here, then i'm permanently over on the new blog   i have yet to decide whether to save this journal into the new blogspot  i'll decide once i get the info on how to do it    this has been a journey in journaling   i rarely go back to my journal pages, here on in my hand written journal books i have here at the house, and read them   so anyways, i'll decide laterz...until another moment in time...visit me at my new blog  (link in previous entry...)


midwestvintage said...

 Not much we can do about it anyway.  Hey, it might be better.


marti said...

It made me surprisingly sad to say goodbye to Jland, but it goes as it goes...lost some pictures in the translation, but life goes on. Glad you're here.