Tuesday, September 30, 2008

hi again

ok,   i've made a new blog thanks to Indigo creating hers first   from there i created myself a new journal   you can do the same once you reach my page   it ain't like AOL but it'll work to stay in touch with all my j-land friends   here's the link:  http://karebear4x4.blogspot.com/

at the top of the page is a link, Create Blog, from which you can make a new journal   i hope all my j-land friends do so here or somewhere and leave me a link to your new journal   if you choose to let go of journaling, i honor and understand that   i'm still fine tuning my new blog a bit   somewhere i can list the new blogs to keep track of, but couldn't find that page a moment ago  right now AOL is screwing up again on responding    anyways, this weekend after the Balloon Fiesta, i will post all those pics here, then move onto the new blog   so far as it appears, i'll be only to post one photo at a time on the new blog   well that means a lot of entries to post my photos, but so be it   so anyways, my friends hope to see you soon and don't forget to leave me your new blog place link....hugz

p.s.   i dont know that the new blog has "alerts" to let me know when you post, but i'll keep up with them daily as much as possible...

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