Monday, December 27, 2004

happy holidays '04

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all and to all a good year...tis the monday after christmas and i feel i have all kinds of time on my hands even worked some overtime today the day moved at a snails pace yet it was good for reflecting a beautiful sunset again here in new mexico i'v not known any other beautiful sunsets like here each unique in their settings ...anyways, at the moment im chilled, rested i feel, ready for a new year, a new beginning the major stress is over at the p.o.   christmas pkgs and cards have come and gone except for a few stragglers    now it will be the normal stress of the job   what a relief!  a few days i'm beginning an online school program to finish my bachelor's degree    finally feel i'm at the point i can finish school at last    i'm hopeful, optimistic, and ready to go for it    this will be my last attempt    as long as my short term memory loss doesn't hurt me too much, i'll be finished with my degree in criminal justice in about 15 months    i'm going to give it all i've got    every spare minute i have when not working, aside from church too   it's an accelerated program which concerns me    i'll be taking 2 classes at a time in lieu of one which was my first impression    well i'm giving it my best shot    have nothing to lose but money    and i need to face my fear regarding what my brain can do now that my medications have been determined and settled    face my fear that my brain literally may not be able to retain the information and accept that if that turns out to be the case    no matter what happens, i'm ready for the answers to my capabilities now    i have to give it all before i give up on it totally    i'm saying a prayer and keeping my fingers crossed     i'll know soon......

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