Wednesday, December 28, 2005


my adobe bode is sold!   as of today!   YES!    so i'll be moving sometime toward the end of january    i'm mostly packed already   i've been sleeping on my couch for about a month now     can't wait to sleep in my bed again   there's more room for me and my dogs in it   anywho,  now i must seriously look for a place to live    although i'd love a cozy little apartment, think it'd be best to find a house for rent    i will check one apartment on my postal route but i have reservations on that    it'll be Jimmy, Charlie (if i don't lose him again) and me    think my kids need a little room in a yard   Kyle wants to take Jimmy, but i'm not sure i'll let him    anyhell, i'll decide within a few days as to an apartment or a house    regardless i'll be over next to the mountains despite my continual desire to move back into the mountains   don't know what it is but my urges to be in the mountains continually resurface constantly    i'm just must ask God i suppose what's with these urges   one notion as to why is that i'm completely happy in the mountains   my spirit is high most of the time i am there   maybe it's like a drug and i need my fix often   maybe   whatever the reason(s) for these urges, i must at least go there as often as possible   hence, a new year's resolution to go on sundays at least every other week if not weekly for a few hours if not all day    so i'll see if my weekly visit there curbs my urges...

well, mr. houdini superdog Charlie Brown got loose again today   everytime he does it's like torture   i never know if he'll be back or not   i get so frustrated nowadays with him when he does this, i wonder if i should just find him another home   someone younger who can keep up with his little butt   yet as soon as i question it, i know the answer is No    are all children like Charlie Brown?   Stress you out to the max you desire to pull your hair out    anyhow, i love him dearly   he should be thankful for this  i need to take more photos of him and make a collage(sp?)   he's home now until he gets loose again   i may make him an inside dog, which he would love    this way i can guarantee he wouldn't get loose on me again    hurry up retirement then i can tie Charlie's butt to me and i'll know every minute of the day where he is   little munchkin!....

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lacaza3 said... the fun job of moving begins lol
Donna In TEXAS