Thursday, December 29, 2005

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to answer Donna in TEXAS' question    first I am not a traditional spiritual seeker   i have been in New Age or New Thought for years now minus my illness time    this spiritual leader i speak of is Ramtha    now Ramtha is 'channeled' through  a woman named JZ Knight  and has been doing so for over 20yrs   going on 30yrs i think   anyways,  i recommend an open mind to the channeling   there is controversy as to whether JZ is doing the teaching or whether Ramtha, an unseen entity, is doing the teaching    i concluded many years ago that whoever was doing the teaching was not important to me   the knowledge and wisdom brought forth is too valuable to pass up    Metaphysics, New Age, New Thought and other philosophies is what works for me    if you'd like to check out Ramtha go to the following website:

if you have any questions or would like to further discuss my beliefs contact me at :


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kkasey47 said...

I have heard of this before...but dont know to much about it....can I get all the info I need about on the web site......Pleaseemail me with your answers...I am very curious......Thanks Kaey