Monday, January 15, 2007


ok this is a new one on me    girlfriend M called me for dinner on her way home from Durango, CO    i went for tea and conversation    she ordered eel and shared it with me   first time ever with eel   and it turned out pretty good   i think it was a Sushi restaurant   first time for Sushi as well    i always wanted to go to the Samurai restaurant, maybe it's Japanese with Sushi?    anyways, it was a good hour or more spent with a wonderful friend    she's been gone 10days and i was overdue for coffee with her    great to see her!    good food too....

now, the other event of the day was speaking to my son   i think i mentioned he's in a quiet space in Iraq   well today he tells me he may have the chance to go chase the bad guys   i told him 'good' while shaking in my shoes   i support him 1000% in what he wants to do,  but i'm not telling him i'd rather not see him in combat    anyways, i'm fine   i chilled out after the phone conversation while finish reading my book-a fantasy novel    i know he'll be fine no matter what   besides this may not happen    i told him to keep me posted   in the meantime, he got his thermal shirts and the pics i sent   i sent a few pics from the holidays   he's still sounding good   let's hope it stays that way...until another day   ...take care

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stupidsheetguy said...

Sorry, you lose me when it comes to sushi...I've tried it all, and I just can't enjoy it. Glad you did, though!

Send my best wishes to your son, will ya?