Friday, January 12, 2007

VOM February

Volunteer of the Month for February    i was nominated and accepted VOM for February at church    it came as a surprise for i had forgotten we honored volunteers each month   i thanked some at church, but they just kept telling me i did it   well i did, but...anyways, i sit here this morn hoping my son will call again   he called yesterday morn and i missed his calls    i tried calling back at the number he gave me, but i couldn't get thru   the only good thing about that was it saved me $2 a minute    anyways, he's doing good over there   did i mention where he's located is pretty quiet   so i'm not worried as much   he sounds more like his confident self as well   so hopefully he'll call anytime the meantime, i had coffee with Rev Jen yesterday   a joy as always as we discussed different thoughts & ideas   we also looked in our Science of Mind book regarding pyschics and discussed that topic    i had already thought that religious science doesn't include pyschism and she affirmed that    we both disagreed with their decision and feel it should be open for debate at least    i'd like to discuss that further with her, but we were at the end of our get together standing out in the cold   i'm sure we'll pick it up again    for now, i'm starting another class at our church, ACSL next week    i'm anxious and excited for it's the last class required before going into the Practitioner's classes    a Practitioner as i finally understand it is simply a spiritual counselor within our church who also does prayer work    once i become a practitioner, and that'll take 2more yrs of studying plus boards and exams, i'll decide if i desire to become a minister    all in due time, for i also will study photography at UNM within the next year or two, probably obtaining my bachelor's degree in it    i have such a passion about it, i must do something more with it than i am now    goodness, sooo much to do, so little

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stupidsheetguy said...

Aww, VOM...I bet that felt so great! Good for you!