Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Integrity   i've been thinking about that today   my own integrity    the other day i caught myself at a little white lie and realized that was not the usual me    it was like a habitual response as if still at the p.o.   my integrity there was compromised much for to be totally honest all the time every time did me no good   seemed to make my life there worse in lieu of better   so i learn to stretch the truth, or abstain from it    as soon as i made my comment the other day, i said to myself, karen you're no longer at the p.o., you can get back to your true self    granted there will be times when the whole truth and nothing but the truth is not wise, but i no longer have to conceal the entire truth anymore    and it was odd   while at the p.o. i saw a newsreport somewhere that in many places, about 48% i think, people's integrity was compromised in the workplace   i wouldn't have believed it so if it wasn't for where i worked    so one of my new years' resolution will be to work on my integrity more   to be more true to myself and others    such a small thing, but a big issue for me    there's enough corruption, i don't need to feed that...

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