Sunday, February 4, 2007

notes on a scandal

well, i saw this movie yesterday    it was intense!!!     not a bad movie, but i wouldn't recommend it    the ads didn't reveal the plot and i can understand why    simply it's a bout a woman teacher who has sex with a 15yr old kid, and another older woman teacher who pursues her for her own relationship    i know you can read about this stuff in the news and/or the tabloids, so i don't recommend it .....anyways, onto other things    today is the Super Bowl, finally!    i look forward to chillin' in front of the tv    my day starts out at church to be recognized as Volunteer of the Month   then i have a women's basketball game to usher, then i get to come home, all on top of another cold surfacing   i had a scratch of a sore throat yesterday only to waken this morn  to congestion    damn!!  i think i've been sick more often this winter than previous years    do i need to go back to walking 10miles a day to stay healthy?    i need to do something, but today i'll just start with the whiskey again   and the weather is finally warming up as well   all week we're in the 50s again    our average this winter has been 40 or below most days   that's unusual for sure   anyways i'm looking forward to warm weather again    all the bikers are out and i'm anxious to ride again myself    probably won't do so until the end of the month or beginning of next    but all good things come to those who wait.....

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jmorancoyle said...

     First off, congrats on Volunteer of the Month. Secondly that movie doesn't sound like anything I'd be interested in. Hope you're feeling better soon. And last of all, Oh my poor Bears! As we say in Chicago, better luck next year!