Sunday, February 25, 2007

movie weekend

well it was a weekend full of movies for me starting on friday    i went with a friend to see Breach    it was a good movie, a little suspenseful    but a nice change from the past 3 movies i saw (not that they were bad)   ...then last nite, i rented The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves   both actors i like a lot   best romantic movie i've seen in a long time and it wasn't a romantic comedy   simple love story with a twist   definitely worth seeing.....then tonite i saw Ray on cable tv    wish i had seen this movie earlier but just didn't ever get around to it    all  three of these movies i recommend......i didn't make it to Tent Rocks again yet, hopefully tomorrow providing the weather holds up   saturday i wanted to go with the nice beautiful clear sky and sunshine, but there was  a cold biting wind which kept me inside....i did manage to write my essay this morn that accompanies my application to the Art Center Design College   i just need to fine tune it and type it    i'll wrap that up no later than tomorrow nite although it isn't due until Wednesday    in writing the essay and looking at their catalog this morn, i'm sooo excited to get accepted    my other college transcripts are on their way    i also must take the ACT test this next saturday    i chickened out when a teenager in school   i'm sure i'd have done well back then, but i didn't believe then    and this time when i take it, i'm not too concerned   i do ok or i don't   there's always UNM which my transcripts were accepted a very long time ago    as soon as i know of my acceptance, i will let everyone the meantime, today was the last Lady Lobos basketball home game    we won which put us in a tie for second in the MWAC    the conference tournament is just around the corner   hopefully we'll win another and get a bid to the NCAA    at the game we learned that out Lady Lobos Softball team is off to agreat start by beating No. 3 UCLA Bruins    i look forward to the softball games coming up   it's outdoors and it's the one sport i miss playing after all these years    when i reach 50, maybe i'll find that team for 50 & over and i can hobble around the bases    right now my focus is getting back into college for my dream choice=photography    wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed   or just say a prayer for me....i'll be in touch soon!


sunnyside46 said...

The Lak House is on Pay per view right now. Based on your reccommendation, I think I will buy it.
Keanu is a hunk all the way back to the Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure days.
Ray is great. Jamie Foxx absoulutley channeled Ray Charles.
I rented In Her Shoes with Carmen Diaz. I loved it. I also rented The Last Kiss with Zac Braf, predictable but cute.

stupidsheetguy said...

Fingers are crossed! Good luck

fitzzer said...

The Lake House is one of my favorite movies....Saw Pirates 2 and sadly can't say the same. The first one was much better IMHO...hugs, ~ L