Monday, August 13, 2007

another road trip

Fort Sumner.    this was my road trip yesterday   didn't know i was going until i was on my bike headed to meet a friend for coffee before church    it was such a beautiful day   the weather has cooled much since my last entry, thank goodness    so instead of going to church, i headed out to Ft Sumner   the famous place where Billy the Kid was shot, killed and buried    it's also was a famous fort during the times when they were rounding up Native Americans way back when....anyways, i took the interstate most the way for that road experience    then south on hwy 84 to the town   stopped in a museum which had all kinds of old relics including some nice old cars   but it also had some of Billy's stuff hanging in there like his guns and his chaps   those chaps looked awfully heavy    anyways, then it was off around the bend to the gravesite    the site is all covered in bars    apparently his tombstone had been stolen a couple times and as recently as 1981    he's buried there with two of his friends   Billy's tombstone has another shackle on top of it besides the bars all three are incased    there was another museum but i passed on that    then i went around the corner to the original Ft Sumner & Bosque Redondo Monument but didn't go in there either   wasn't sure the place was open    there was a modern building there and in the way back a very small fracture of the original fort    i was hungry for some grub for i hadn't eaten all day, so i moved on from there    i took hwy 60 back to albq for awhile anyways    found a turkey sandwich in Vaughn in one of the dirtiest places i've ever been    but it was something to eat anyways    then in lieu of continuing hwy 60, i headed north on hwy 285 to stop at Clines Corner for some sunglasses    i was kicking myself in the ass for forgetting mine    due west, late in the afternoon, the sun was directly in my eyes    and even after i bought sunglasses, the sun was pretty damn bright   that's its intensity here during the summer but i still love it.....the ride to & fro was boring at times    just straight flat desert for awhile and hot    not like going thru the Jemez mountains where you have shade and curves to ride through   but i still enjoyed the ride    only my shoulders are a little sore    will get a massage soon, in the meantime i've got Tiger Balm on it which is Wonderful!    anyways, that's about it for now    not much happening    just working,  hiking and relaxing....until another time.... 

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