Friday, August 17, 2007

just a tire change...

ok, so i wanna change my tire    my left rear tire has a slow leak   well i thought, now would be a good time ot change my own tire just to see if i remember correctly how to do it    simple    i thought   an hour or less i'll be go unload the jack    easy   it's a hydraulic jack   got it down   found my key for the locking nut   easy, no problem removing it    grab my crowbar   it don't work   none of the sockets work on this wheel    ok, so i've never really actually done this before, so maybe i'm not using it correctly    so i look up "Tino at church   nope it doesn't fit he tells me    ok back to 4 Wheel Parts where i bought the wheels and tires   need a different socket   bought that    go back to church   Tino & I get all but one lugg nut off   it won't budge   and the others came off after we found a pipe to use as leverage    ok back to 4 Wheel Parts with a quick run to my apartment    well it wasn't quick and Tino was right    you don't drive on 4 luggz    back at the shop, they don't get enough parts   waiting for more parts   then we don't get the right stud   waiting while they hunt for that part   Hours later and one new T-shirt (JEEP), all the parts arrive and i'm outta there late for work 2hrs....all i wanted to do was change the tire   simple?   not anymore    so my lessons for today    1. don't change the tires on this Jeep   the nuts are screwed tooooo tight by an air gun, not anyone, man or woman, can get them off    2.   let the men do the tire changing    too much muscle needed    plus they're the ones who put the nuts on too tight to begin with   3.   do not fill in for someone at work again    this is the second time this has happened,   the first time, my bike broke down on the day i was fillin in for someone     i'm signning up for auto club again and let them handle it     simple job isn't simple back to my Black Opal wine....Nice!

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