Sunday, December 30, 2007

3 x a charm

this morn, i finally got the final pieces of my bench set together   it was the barbell that holds the weights   it came in 2 separate pieces with pins to hold it together   for the past couple days i couldn't get those damn pins in   they needed to be squeezed down, but how do you move steel   i said to myself this morn, i'm trying this one more time   alas figuring out the wire cutters were my best presser, or squeezer, i managed to reshape the pins just enough so i could pound them in   finally, it is whole   it is done, and i can begin to work out on it   New Years day, or soon thereafter.....then it was off to church   i really didn't want to go, but Marsha talked me into it   leaving with my usual thought of heading to church, then straight home, i arrived back 8hrs later at the house    going to church with Marsha is never just church   i met her eldest granddaughter, then we all had lunch with Marsha's youngest daughter and Lil Miss Madison (15mos.)   then it was babysitting time again for Marsha and me for a few hours   then finally chillin for a little football, which i wanted to do all day today, i made it home about 6pm...but the service was good   a time to remember all those who made their transition last year (died) and reflect on how we believe in life and death   but it was also a time to catch up on a couple other people   actually wanting to know when the memorial service would be for someone who had been murdered just before Christmas   and to check on another member who is on her last days with cancer   it's only a matter of time for her ..but it's all good   only the body dies and our Soul lives the time i got out of church i had been talked into returning to volunteer for the church again   i wasn't going back   for various reasons i'll be back one day a week, but i'll see how long that lasts   there's one person people including myself are struggling with and she happens to be the church administrator   she hasn't been with us very long, matter what, i'll serve my community there somehow, someway   as one of my Christmas gifts says:  IT'S ALL GOOD!!!

p.s.   i forgot the good news...Lil Miss Madison has been bonding with me the past few days   i think it was friday nite that she just curled up in my lap and stayed there   since then she wants to be in my arms hanging out with Aunti Karen i'm called    it's taken awhile, but she finally totally warmed up to me   warms my heart and makes me smile...


ksquester said...

Happy New Year.  I'm glad you had a very full day. It makes those days when you kick back even more enjoyable.  Don't overdo with your  weights.  Anne

stupidsheetguy said...

What a great way to end an entry. There is absolutely no down-side to getting someone to bond with you. I'm glad Ms Madison saw the light

Happy New Year!