Friday, December 28, 2007!

alas,  i'm off from work   after 3 weeks of work with no days off except Christmas, i get my normal weekend off  i did volunteer for those hours to offset the Christmas blues  it worked  but the only problem now is i'm a little Grumpy   such the price to pay   but i'll be's a beautiful day here although cold   it's been colder than hell for us lately but when the sun shines, it makes it a lot warmer  one reason i love this state  like better than Washington where i'd get cabin fever badly  ...anyways, i'm off to Barnes and Noble today and hanging out with Marsha   she gave me a gift card from B & N which i already spent most of it on a thermos  love it, purrrrrrfect for taking my coffee to work   the other one i used so much it got raunchy  this one is much i am talkin' about nothings and forgot where i was headed with this entry....O, i let you know i had a WONDERFUL Christmas day   brunch at Marsha's w/George too   then off to see Charlie Wilson's War, which was a great movie   then home to put together my bench set   it's all together except the bar bell   the pins are not fitting that holds it together  will get my young neighbor to assist in reshaping those pins   then i'm off to exercise my butt off so i can lose the weight i've gained since retiring  part of my New Year's resolution   besides i want to get in great conditioning and shape to backpack down to the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon   one of my goals to accomplish by next fall   Life is Good, a bowl of strawberries!


sunnyside46 said...

sounds like a great year in store for you!
Where are you working?
Sounds like a lot of employment for a retired person!

jmorancoyle said...

    From what I understand about retiring, is that you soon fill up the extra time with other activities. I will admit though that to backpack into the Canyon sounds like fun. I hope that works out for you, and I hope you have a great time. And don't forget about the camera and all the photos you can take on that trip.
    Have a very happy and healthy New Years.