Monday, December 3, 2007

retail therapy

well, december is here   i'm almost done with the Christmas shoppin'    even got some of the gifts wrapped tonite    just a couple more and i'm finished ...was tellin' a friend this is not a good time for me to be working at the mall   i get the Christmas blues and shoppin' is a good pick me up   but i've been good lately, or at least today    i made it out of the mall without shoppin' for myself   oops, except for a snowman coffee mug   it was only $5    so i did pretty good and i got paid today too    but then i went to Walgreens for some wrappin' paper  $28 later i made it home   2 decorations, gift boxes, wrappin' paper and 2 Hallmark cards ($8)   they sure ain't cheap anymore   o yes  and one decoration was a lighted panel of Snoopy on his dog house decorated in lights that flash   as he lays on his house, Woodstock sits on his tummy   Merry Christmas (it says)....


lacaza3 said...

It seems the hallmark cards are more expensive than the gifts sometimes
Donna In TEXAS

sunnyside46 said...

I love all the tacky ringin singin things
I tend to get a wee bit of SADD so I'm glad for Christmas to liven things up. Then there's Mardi was really bad when I lived where there was no Mardi Gras...I had to come home for my health!