Friday, October 29, 2004


friday night   all is not well with me yet i am ok    just before leaving work today, i began to cry suddenly for no apparent reason   several hours later and i'm still in tears    it's either menopausal or just my depression that i deal with    my blues i call them   regardless i hate being depressed anymore for any length of time   i don't wish a mental illness on anyone for any reason   it's a hell of its own but i get thru it    right now i want this to pass quickly    have some important things to get done this weekend and it's halloween    need to be spooky for the kids this weekend    spooky for my boss too    God Bless all those with a disability!......put my music on,   this lifts my spirit in the midst of the blues   i can still fly while depressed and get high on life thru music     thank you God for all the wonderful things you have created or allowed us to create in our world, like music     I am more ALIVE for it!!!

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