Saturday, October 9, 2004

october evening

10/9/04    a fall evening   the air is chilled but peace surrounds me in the moonlight night   i came to this place in hopes someone would notice   i love to write   love to journal   so now i have a new home for it   not sure if i will completely reveal myself here, but would like to do just that    i'm alone in life but never alone   i believe on am on my journey in life wherever it takes me or wherever i lead myself    although i enjoy leading my life as i do, i know life has it's own plans    it did so over a decade ago with an serious illness    but i have survived and i LIVE each day as there is no other   not looking far in the future and rarely looking back    i do reflect at times what life has given me and i would have it no other way    for the illness, a mental illness, has giving me Life like nothing else has    ....

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