Sunday, October 17, 2004

sunday morn all is quiet the streets, no music with a cloudy day hovering it is such joy to sit in peace to collect one's thoughts or reflect on one's life or simply to embrace the solitude of such a morn thank you god for a wonderful blessing thank you for my life it's great to be alive and surrounded by my kids, 5 dogs i woke this morn with 4 of my kids surrounded me in my bed they are great bed warmers and great for cuddling too so i lay there for awhile enjoying those precious moments    sometimes i just don't enjoy my kids enough    come home too tired and grumpy from work   they tolerate me and still give me unconditional love no matter what     if only more humans could do the same   Life is Good    now if i can only focus more on the positives than the negatives in my life , it could be great     but there's always room for improvement in my life so i strive to be better for myself and others    in the meantime,  my broken toe is getting better   almost at 100% now    one more week and i'll be able to return to my walking route    i've missed my 10mile a day hike delivering the mail   i've missed my customers     delivering apartment complexes the past couple weeks has been really boring     you don't see hardly anyone , just the mail boxes      i may even try later this week to walk my route if my toe feels better as time passes by    do it on  a 'light' day but not sure it will be light since i saw tons of bulk business mail backed up on my route yesterday    as long as the load isn't too heavy the first day i go back to my route    anyways,  i can't wait to get back to it.....well you have a great day everyone    ...more soon

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