Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Year!

a toast to all my j-land friends and their families    i salute you and may you have the best of years this year    may God keep you in his warm embrace and fill you with all the joy there is and more....Bless you all!

i sit here this morn, sipping coffee and munchin on krispy kreme donuts    Keith Urban sings the melodies and i'm happy as can be   it's a beautiful day   sunshining with no clouds in sight    my Jimmy doesn't know if he desires to stay inside or out   open the door again  shut it again  more than twice    i found a gold mine of books the other day to order   and i sit here wondering whether to attend church this morn   my house needs cleaning, laundry to be done, dogs to run and just wanna to take it easy again today as i did last    yesterday i drank some whiskey in addition to my nyquil for my cold   feel much better today    will ditto the experience and may go to a movie with a friend   in the meantime, i finally broke down and bought a dvd player    watched Mr & Mrs Smith last nite and 2 more movies are waiting   but there's football again today for the season is nearing its end   yet i can only take so much football for i get restless    time for another book    what shall i do?   so many toys, so many decisions     one thing for sure i start a new years resolution manana    i'm going to the mountains once a week or at least every other week     can hardly wait ....

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fitzzer said...

Do you know I've yet to taste a hot Krispy Kreme!?!