Monday, January 30, 2006

missing val

i woke this morn dreaming about Val & Kris, friends from Washington state    it's probably about 20yrs now since i've seen them, but ever since reconnecting with them this last summer they show up in my dreams   Val is my friend who i hung around with when i lived in washington    for a short while we weren't seen without the other and developed our friendship    although my memories are limited since my illness, the essence of val and who she is as well as our friendship has eluded me    but it was the same with Cindy    it took actually seeing Cindy again for my memory to return   it'll be the same with Val    but for now, as has been since i left 20yrs ago, i still have that feeling of missing Val     yesterday i had just read in Ernest Holmes book, The Art of Living, that the lonely find love and friendship the utmost important    well i'm not lonely anymore, but i'd say at the time i lived in washington i was lonely and those two things were the most important things in life to me    friendship is still important, love i receive daily unconditionally from my dog and i now have the love of myself     but for now, i would love to see Val again    hopefully that will be sometime this year    now that i'm retired i can go see her and Kris    i'd just like to remember....

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