Monday, January 30, 2006

gone hikin'

my first monday not working    retirement is different, but i slowly will adjust   mainly i'm trying to get myself in a regimen of sorts by beginning today with a hike   Jimmy, Kyle and I went for a brief hike    brief only because Kyle is totally out of shape  45mins into the hike, he was wiped out so we headed back    my cardio needs work, but otherwise i'm good    so i figure i'll take Jimmy and me hiking every morn for at least a couple hours   longer once i'm better in shape    today was tough initially for it was the first walk/hike without my Charlie Brown    but once trekking up the trail, the fresh air and Jimmy's excitement lifted my spirit resulting in a wonderful hike    once i get my first retirement check i'm joining a gym as well    i love pumping iron but i also desire to really condition myself for backpacking and longer hikes    this fall i'd really like to backpack down the Grand Canyon to the bottom and the river    i hear it's about 9hrs one way down and 13hrs return trip     maybe i'll get a few other backpacking trips in before i do the Canyon     a lot will depend upon once i'm enrolled in school    it'll be a home study program, but that will be my main focus until i've completed my bachelor's degree in Metaphysics    then i'm studying photography for awhile and hopefully do some photo expeditions     lots to do   lots of time   now for the money to come together for it all to happen...and it will    i am blessed and will continue counting my blessings....Life is Good!


lacaza3 said...

I must of missed the entry were you retired...yes retirement is fun at first but for me it became very isolating...I get lonely so i would volunteer and stuff...I guess I'm a social person...I hope it is everything you hoped it would be
Donna In TEXAS

ksquester said...

Sounds like you are in great shape. You have many things that you want to do. That is very good.  NO rocking chair for YOU!   Anne

stupidsheetguy said...

I agree, no rocking chairs for you! Live it up!


jmorancoyle said...

Hi, Karen;
    Been a while since I've visited. I'm so happy to hear that your retirement finally came through. Good. You'll get used to it, and hopefully will enjoy it as well. Keep on hiking and keep on studying. Just one thing. Did you move yet?