Friday, March 31, 2006

wonderful spring morn

it is a wonderful spring morn   i stepped out to the car this morn and it is fresh spring air, mountain air in the breeze   you can smell it, feel it caressing your soul   telling you to go for a hike, which i may do   but i must take jimmy for some shot updates this morn   while i'm away for the weekend, he'll be in the kennel and getting groomed which includes his nails trimmed that's long overdue   he'll be so perty when i return   then once back, i'll be picking up Tabou i learned yesterday   i'm pretty sure she'll be mine permanently but i'm giving Tjnya some time to find a place once she's in Illinois    she leaves in a couple weeks   i'm going to miss her, but we can stay in touch by phone   plus i may head back that way around july 4th   i have several friends long distant and out of this state   we stay in touch despite the years apart   but Tjnya is returning to rural america   she grew up in a rural town, but for some reason i thought she was a city girl   well it explains her hermit self at times   i hope she is happy in her new home   i'm sure she'll be fine   the major adjustment will be not having any of her sons around anymore   she's give her oldest the boot as she moves    it must be the time for all kids to get out of the house for my sister is giving her eldest daughter the boot as well    with the blessing of my retirement funds i'm assisting both these kids with their transportation problems   boy for someone who never gave birth to any kids, i sure do have plenty which include kyle, my nieces and their children and Tjnya's two boys whom i call my 'other' sons    never knew parenthood until recently   i applaud all you parents out there and admire your strength and courage to raise your kids   i've always been concerned about the welfare of our youth, but now with the true experience of parenthood under my belt i'm just that more concerned   we definitely make a difference in the shaping of their lives   how i really didn't know all this until kyle came along   God Bless kyle and all our youth  gotta love 'em ...thank you for teaching me!

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