Friday, March 3, 2006

another crash!

my computer has crashed on me again   i'm at the library again just to make a quick note   i'll finally get my first retirement check within 3-5days and will get my puter fixed then   in the meantime, i'll drop in over here   it's nice and quiet, just what i need right now   kyle leaves this next thursday, 9mar06 then i'll have more quiet time at the house   also i discovered i'll definitely be getting Tabou within about a month   the more the merrier and i think Jimmy could use the companionship    not that he doesn't have it right now, but i can tell when we hike that he misses all his other buddies   hopefully Tabou and him will play often   she's only a year old and should have some puppy play left in her  one of the recent hikes last week, Jimmy played with another dog while we everyone was sitting and relaxing    in the meantime, i'm still working on the disability package  Tjnya will assist me today   i definitely need the disability income i learned today, or i'll have to return to work at least part-time in the near future   so i'll be saying my prayers and know all will turn out as it should...well i'm running out of time here, so i'll drop in again soon   the past couple days have been very stressful and i need to relax some more   going to have a shot of that whiskey too..cya soon   take care

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