Monday, November 27, 2006


nice cold beer!   just got home from a lavlight group meeting at church   it was good for me although i'm always reluctant to go   tonite's meeting help me take my mind off marijuana and drug users   this weekend a "potential" friend revealed to me she uses mj for medical purposes   she sent me a link to all the pros and cons about it   i read it and am still against it   what it did was bring up all those memories of loved ones who've used, maybe abuse, drugs and alcohol and was abusive   NO THANK YOU i wrote her telling her i don't desire to be around it    it just plain ain't fun being around those who use no matter what they say   i've experienced enough dr jekyl and mr hyde personalities by being exposing to them   Hard is such a soft word to describe them and their negativitiy they become    i just can't go there   i had already noticed a little negativity in her personality, now i wonder if this is the reason    whatever, do what's best for her i told her   she has her reasons, but don't light up in front of me.....anyways, after tonite's meeting which took my mind off all that, i came home to have a beer, JUST ONE, and relax     JUST ONE is all i ever do when drinking   just enough to relax a little   Life is too short to more damage than necessary   my brain is hangin on as it is minus the alcohol    tomorrow is another day, but for tonite, i'm chillin'

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jmorancoyle said...

    Amen! I have my wine coolers. I buy 2 (4) packs a month. Some months I don't finish that. As far as marijuana is concerned, it might not be a negative change in her personnality, but just that enough brain cells have been burned up that she's just blanking out. In my experience (not great, believe me) mj makes you stupid.