Thursday, November 2, 2006


well it's 7:30pm    feels like it should be 9:30pm   i'm ready for bed   why this day feels long i'm not sure    maybe because i was at work at 9am in lieu of my usual 10am   yep, nowadays that makes for long days   funny how six hours seems long compared to the 10-12hrs of yesterday   i've learned to enjoy my life of leisure   doing whatever i choose   and this time change   i always hate it   makes for longer days all by itself    anyways, guess it's time to curl up to another book, or actually get back to the one i'm reading   right after putting my pajamas on    in the meantime my kids lay at my feet with their first chew bone in awhile chowing down like there's no tomorrow   i don't think Boo knew what to do with it initially   so i must do the chew bones more often plus they'll help in cutting down the confetti parties they have around here   and for a little while i've been wondering why i have 2 small trash cans, one in the bathroom, the other right here next to my desk   because everything i put in them, Boo takes out...and i mean everything    so life here in my adobe bode is all nice, peaceful and cuddly   moments like these make days ahead such bliss...

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