Tuesday, November 7, 2006


finally,  i'm laughing about working at the church, the people there and the whole situation   i'm laughing at the multiple personalities we have and how we all love each other while sometimes bitchin at the same time   i'm laughing at the apprehension i face for tomorrow (an interview somewhat) and the anticipated work there  i'm laughing again of how serious we take life sometimes, well maybe not life, but some of things we do in it   i'm laughing for yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not arrived, there's only now, and yet there's still tomorrow    i had no idea when i volunteered 3 months ago that i would be in the thick of things somewhat at the church   it's been an interesting adventure, it still is   but now i can laugh at myself in the midst of it and know everything is just fine just the way it is, and just the way it is not!    Laugh, it is the japanese symbol i have tattooed on my right hand   i must look at it from time to time and remember...Laugh, there's not enough of it in this world....

hope you voted today   i did   my motto:  if you don't vote you don't have a right to bitch about who's in office and what's happening with our govt!!!

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jmorancoyle said...

    To laugh is good. Especially since Rumsfeld resigned this morning. And you better believe I voted. Glad your work at church is working out.