Saturday, March 3, 2007

Wild Hogs

well the day started with the ACT test required in my application to the Art College    it kicked my ass    it was a bitch    i'll find out monday how i did on it but you know, it was a challenge   i like to be challenged in some way or another   i just hope i did well enough to get in the school    the facilitator giving the test said this college will work with you if you have low scores    they'll place you and then ask you to repeat the test    i hope i don't ever have to take this test again    we'll see    and if this test is any indicator how school will be, i've got my work cut out for me   but that's ok    i like a good day's work......

so after the test, i took myself to lunch to my favorite burger place   felt i earned it just for getting thru the test...... then i came home and had a beer.....then i met a friend for a movie, Wild Hogs     it's hilarious!    if you need some great laughter, this is the movie    it was also partly filmed in New Mexico    the town they end up in is Madrid which is only 40mins down the road from here   i had forgotten that they were going to do the movie there    last spring when i road my bike up there, they were constructing the Diner for the movie and someone informed me all about it    so if you'd like to see a place where i like to ride my bike , see Madrid in this movie    anyways, i highly recommend this movie for loads of fun   well worth it! the meantime, i'll post my acceptance or not to the Art College probably by next wednesday     she said i'd know monday afternoon or sometime tuesday   i'm adding a day for whatever     until then....hasta la vista!


ksquester said...

Gosh I admire you for taking that test.  If it kicks your ass then kick it back!  I wanted to go to see a movie tomorrow and I need to laugh, so I will give it a shot. Thanks for the movie recommendation.   Anne

jmorancoyle said...

    Much luck. I'm pulling for you! Be positive about this. If you have to take the test again, you know what to study.