Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy days are here again...

Home again!   well it's been a couple days since my computer crashed and that i've been home from Tjnya's puppy sitting.   Got my computer up and running again, actually a friend did for me, thank God.   Once back online, i caught up with all my email and aol journal entries.   I was elated about seeing Ashley Judd's journal again. 3 stories from her input today.   I've missed her journal tremendously.   I got addicted to it soon after beginning to read it.   I hope she writes a book of her journeys overseas.   Anyways, I like how she doesn't sugar coat her entries.   She tells it like it is which is most needed in our world.   It's tough reading, but life is hard at times.  Harder for those people in Africa and other countries in the same boat.  I just am reminded to count my blessings.   I don't have it tough compared to those people.....anyways,   I"m home again.   It's nice to be home after a week at Tj's with Tabou.   Lil Tabou was alot of fun, but there's no place like home.   My kids missed me as much as i missed them.   I did come home and visit with them at times, but it was short lived before returning to Tjnya's.   Now i must clean house and catch up with school work.   My computer crashed on me Wed mornin'.   It's taken 2 days to reinstall windows xp and all the other files.   my notebook had major trouble reading the xp files.    finally, i'm online again!    how did i ever live without a computer 2yrs ago, lol.   now it's like my    

one more note before i go.    i saw kathleen this week.   i told her i was exhausted from all the blues i experienced the past 2 months (very unusual to have the blues that much)   so after talking with kathleen, i decided to take off the rest of the week from work.   it's been great rejuvenation period.   just what i needed.   life is good again.   my spirits are lifted and i'm ready to kick ass in life again.   and o yes,   i had a date too this past weekend.   it was really nice.  

ok  i'll write more laterz once i'm caught up with school.   i am sooooooooo happy to be home!

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