Saturday, March 19, 2005

Tabou has my heart

good morning's saturday morn, and again i'm not at work as i should be   i'm feelin a little bad about it, but not that bad   for a first, i didn't go to work because i have a date tonight, another first in months   well my day got a very slow start,  i'm puppy sitting Tabou for a week, and if it wasn't for her, i would have made it to work this morn....last night was my first night with Tabou at Tjnya's house (pronounced Tanya) Tj went to Atlanta to drive her eldest son home so   Her and Andre have a long drive back and will stop in Dallas for a couple days.....well let me tell you about little Tabou   slowly but surely she's getting bigger    she's not going to be a bit rottie because her parents are small, but she is a cutie patootie    she only woke me twice last night   the second time was really about 5:30am so i left the door open for her to take care of business    well by the time i woke she had dragged half the outside inside    bark is everywhere in the living room, lol    so typically i have a mess to clean up    well i was reminded last night how much a handful puppies are right this moment she wants to be held.....brb....i think she misses her mom    i know my dogs miss me when i'm gone even if it's 5 mins  and when i'm gone a week or more,   they smother me for 2hours once i'm home........Tj holds Tabou often so i've learned   don't know what she's going to do once she gets bigger    well all this holding will probably make her into a big lap dog which will be great  i'm amazed at how well Tabou does on her own    she doesn't need constant attention and Tj has been working alot of hours this past month leaving her alone more than i had been lead to believe was ok    well it shows you just how wrong people can be including Animanl Humane   I hope the next puppy i have will well adjusted as Tabou  i'm taking notes now for future use    Tabou is a big sweetheart and i'm getting my biggest laughs with her and Tj's reaction to her    of course it isn't funny as you go through the feet attack, leg attacks with a growl, or other harmful happenings due to their sharp teeth, but i can't help but roar with laughter    i've learned to use humor in dealing with my dogs as they have grown up even when i'm frustrated as hell with them    what's sooo funny to me is that no matter what they do, they keep coming at you with big smiles on their faces and waggin their tales   and when they are puppies, they are like this all the time    i laugh alot at other people as they get frustrated with their dogs, unless they're being cruel   i just know puppies and dogs are being their simple selves and don't know better     yes you can teach dogs new tricks, but there are some things you can't teach them unless you have them so well trained they are no longer free to be their playful selves      dogs are a woman's best friend!   you can always depend on how does all this keep me from work today?   i know you're wondering    well, i would have been late to work, therefore late getting home and no time to check on Tabou before headed for my date at 6:30pm     Honestly, i've been slackin from work    need to talk to kathleen about it on monday.   will do    need some suggestions on how to motivate myself about work again.....well until monday, i'll enjoy myself and do some studying     all i feel like doing right now is going to school    wish i could afford to do just the story of the day, if you don't have a puppy or a dog, get one!    you won't regret it.....

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